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  1. SteveSmithTD89 added a post in a topic It is Dolphins Week, as such, a few of my favorite pics from the 2013 game.   

    Ugh. Came here for game picks. Dissapointed.
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  2. SteveSmithTD89 added a post in a topic Remember when we had "Remember when" Threads   

    Hated Clausen. Wanted Golden Tate bad. Also still love Matt Moore. That man made the end of 2009 bearable. Beating the vikes on Sunday night. Demolishing the giants? Man was on fire tail end of the season.
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  3. SteveSmithTD89 added a post in a topic is there anything tackier than nfl jersey t-shirts?   

    Sorry I prefer them to jerseys. I feel I can wear one on a day other than Sunday and not look like a complete tool. I've got an olsen, cam and smith. Will be getting a Luke once soon. Plus they're like 8-1 cost wise to a jersey.
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