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  1. Nice observation from Sunday's game

    Lol beat me to it.
  2. Nice observation from Sunday's game

    NB4 Tinderbox
  3. Could get behind this... Edit: Im out.. groin surgery.
  4. My optimism has been crushed :( Hopefully the monday meeting with docs is for full clearance.
  5. Isnt Friday usually a walkthrough for us? Would explain why Luke is in with second unit. He still has to be cleared by the independent so just in case he isnt Mayo has the lions share of the reps. Lets be honest, not like Luke needs them. Maybe Im being overly optimistic but weve had individual stories and sources on here of him being fine as well as the schefter story. I still think he travels tomorrow with the team, shows no symptoms and passes baseline tests then gets cleared sunday.
  6. The bill Voth video shows him hitting the sled and going through drills. He came onto the practice field with his helmet. To me reads along with your first deduction. Step 5 of the protocol. No symptoms tomorrow and were looking more and more likely that we will be having Luke back sunday.
  7. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Whats really fun is if wed kicked at half time theres at least a chance a FG there wins it...
  8. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Nope. Only linemen who DIDNT touch Cam was Kalils guy
  9. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Bright side. Kalil is about the only offensive linemen not getting his ass handed to him on pass plays.
  10. 3rd and 15 ... ugh, a screen pass...

    Wasnt in the 4th. It was right before halftime. 40ish seconds left, no timeouts with a 7 point lead. Personally have no issue with the play call. It works, well it did and we ended up getting 3 out of the drive. If it doesnt then you force San Fran to take their last timeout and you punt the ball forcing them to go 60 yards for a FG in 30 seconds with no TO.
  11. 3rd and 15 ... ugh, a screen pass...

    Meh, driving for a FG with a 7 point lead, 40 seconds left and no timeouts. Im fine with his decision to get the yardage and get out of bounds to stop the clock.
  12. I have issues.

    Tackled short in bounds is not fine in this situation. No timeouts, trying to get into FG range with 30 seconds left for a shaky at best Gano. I hate Shula as much if not more than everyone here but we needed a chunk play with not a lot of time to get into FG range.
  13. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Reminds me of the Ginn play against the Eagles. Knee goes down after he has posession. It's an incomplete pass or a completion and 1st down. Don't see a fumble.
  14. The pace we're on? 50 in the first half.
  15. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Que PanthersUnited thread saying how no matter what we do next week we lose to the Packers.