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  1. Damn forgot all about Hixon and the game winner over the saints... This board loved Norwood when it happened. Murphey, Frazier and Presley were the others I forgot about. Not bad, my memory of shitty receivers wasnt too off. And to be fair Harstock was a TE... have no issue leaving him off.
  2. Without looking im gonna take a stab... Steve Smith, Legadu Nanne (lolz), Seyi Ajirotutu (lolz) Brandon Lafell, David Gettis, Armanti edwards, Keahloa pilares, KB, Funchess, Byrd, Curtis Samuel, Brenten Bersin, Clay, Taquan Underwood?, Russell Shepherd, Joe Adams?, Cotchery, Philly, Avant, Charles Johnson?, King, McNutt,Ted Ginn, Stephen Hill? Who am I forgetting? Im assuming Wright and Torrey dont count?
  3. And? His base salary is 14.5 million... which is what you convert to a signing bonus. Again, annual salary numbers are not the same as cap numbers. The numbers still hold true. His cap hit would still reduce almost 10 million this year freeing up the cap space by restructuring the base salary (which is 14.5)
  4. Restructure doesnt mean pay cut bud. All it means is you convert the base salary into a signing bonus he gets upfront fully guaranteed. Doesnt add or take money from the player. Just lets the team spread the cap hit over the remaining years of his contract.
  5. Convert Cams entire base salary of 14.5 million into a signing bonus, spreads over the last 3 years of the deal for cap hit and frees up almost 10 million in cap space. He gets a check upfront for almost 15 mil that is now fully guaranteed he was gonna get anyway. Easy as that. Restructure doesnt mean pay cut and annual salary isnt the cap number just fyi...
  6. Ebron was cut so nothing... willson? Better hope someone pays DA...
  7. Ron Parker Wants to Come Back Home

    Best part, since he was cut he has no implication on our comp pick outlook either.
  8. Its Armanti Edwards isnt it... poo. We're done for.
  9. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Yep... Hurney 2.0 has me surprised... but Im only cautiously optomistic right now haha
  10. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Agree 100%. As much as Id like a guy like Colvin, Breaux, Breeland and Moncrief none of them are worth losing a 4th for star. Well maybe Moncrief
  11. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Maybe for comp picks for norwell and star? Couple of our guys to offset bringing in a couple FAs? Idk what else he could be talking about...
  12. Thomas Davis hanging out with Richard Sherman

    "Im just saying"
  13. Not anymore. Deadline was Tuesday at 4. #HeGone
  14. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Reminds me of the Ginn play against the Eagles. Knee goes down after he has posession. It's an incomplete pass or a completion and 1st down. Don't see a fumble.
  15. The pace we're on? 50 in the first half.