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  1. Never been more confident of a comeback in my life! Thanks PU you stupid, hormonal, bi-polar bitch!!!!! Gave Denver the kiss of death!!! Seriously. Fug you.
  2. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    Reminds me of the Ginn play against the Eagles. Knee goes down after he has posession. It's an incomplete pass or a completion and 1st down. Don't see a fumble.
  3. Official Divisional Playoff Thread - Seahawks at Panthers

    The pace we're on? 50 in the first half.
  4. Great segment on Fox

    Even better one on Norman. Top notch stuff today.
  5. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Que PanthersUnited thread saying how no matter what we do next week we lose to the Packers.
  6. Mel Kipers 2016 Mock Draft 1.0

    Pats lost their first rd pick.  31 is the last of the 1st round.
  7. Because we played the 2013 game. This team has matured and developed an edge that the 2013 squad didn't have.   Not to mention the whole number one offense in the league. I'll put my house up we score from 1st and goal on the 1 inch line on 4 shots behind Norwell and Turner instead of Amini and Gary Williams.
  8. On that 3rd down play I have no doubt the play action rollout with Cam is the play call. Hard sell with stew following tolbert. Cam peels out to the right. Olsen chips then rolls out for a pass or pick off the safety for Cam. Either he's open and we score or Cam keeps it and we score..
  9. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    A TD drive here and it's anyone's ball game. Minnesota has looked lack luster on O.   A pick here and you're looking at a back breaker. Can't let them run more time off.
  10. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Give it time boss. Still have 13 whole minutes left haha
  11. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Toddman picking up exactly where he left off in preseason for us. Good for him.
  12. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Absolute  PI. Didn't play the ball at all. Easy call.  If Bens collarbone is indeed broken it's probably better that the steelers win. Bengal with Dalton back are a far tougher test that Pittsburgh.
  13. AFC Wild Card games thread

    If that's a serious injury it's about to go down....  I don't think there was anything dirty about the hit but they're going to take exception to it on the cinch sideline.
  14. Kirk Cousins NFC Offensive Player of the Month

    Wow... Obviously feel it should be Cam but if they didn't want to give it to him what about Russ?  I know he's been on fire the second half the season...   Kinda hard to argue for someone other than those two.  Maybe Doug Baldwin?  Cousins doesn't make a lot of sense though. 
  15. You do realize a top flight defense, a strong running game and a top 10 Oline are all considered help right?  How many of the teams listed have that? Ask Andrew Luck how all those weapons work out when he's laying on his ass after the defense can pin their ears back, up 14 in the 1st quarter and get pressure rushing 3. Not every "weapon" or "help" has to be a WR.