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  1. Drama in Steeler country?

    What's funny is when our HC struggles to manage the clock and does not seem to display he has a plan in crucial moments....we give him a 2-year extension. Did I say funny? I meant depressing.
  2. Random Norv Stuff

    Flag or no flag needed? Cause I think we have that covered...
  3. Predict Mike Shula’s next job

    Cutting grass for Jerry Richardson
  4. No Huddle Experience is a Must for OC

    I highly doubt our new OC is a member of the The Huddle.
  5. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Pie for you if you're on page 10 and still reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Russell Shepard

    Never heard of her...
  7. I'll be honest, if this doesn't make you feel a little bit better about this team going forward....go route for the Atlanta We Have A Butt Hole For A Stadium Falcons™.
  8. I always like Gruden, he loves football and has a crazy passion for perfection. Gruden has his faults, but sometimes I wish we had a coach that was willing to hold their players accountable for poor performance or preparation. When is the last time we had a starter actively get benched for performance, other than not wearing a tie on a road trip?
  9. BYRD

    Ginn and Byrd and nothing alike. Ginn is an outside receiver who can get off the jam and reliably push the ball down the field. He is also a 10-year vet who still happens to be faster than anyone on our team. Byrd is a slot WR with great quickness and is just starting to learn the game and is a few years away from being a true #2, well-polished WR. The reality is, Byrd should be our #2 WR opposite Funchess because our WR core is that shallow and lacking talent, and he's the second best thing we got.
  10. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    Good call -- love the name btw
  11. Adams calls TD “Head Hunter”

    IMO opinion it's not looking good for Davis, as 1) the block was an illegal crack-back block, 2) it was clearly helmet to helmet contact, 3) he injured the other player who no longer could play the game, and 4) Davis is already fined this year for an illegal blow to the helmet. Like it or not, I think Davis is going to be suspended, regardless of what his intent was or how sorry he felt afterward. Which brings up another question -- if Davis has to sit, is Shaq ready to go?