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  1. X-Clown on 1

    NFL Logos Ranked

    Fun fact...the original Panthers logo is shaped by putting the state of SC on top of the state of NC. Best damn logo period.
  2. X-Clown on 1

    Deep dive insiders info on the sale by SI

    Here is a very crude copy/paste quote for those that cannot access the article. If it looks like poo, blame Trump.
  3. X-Clown on 1

    Navarro issues a statement

    Complete BS that the NFL wouldn't grant his application into the boys club.
  4. X-Clown on 1

    Jersey #20

    Deshaun Foster if I recall One of my favorite plays in Panthers history:
  5. X-Clown on 1

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    So we all know JStew finished first last year, per PFF for his pass blocking ability....guess who finished second?
  6. X-Clown on 1

    Matt Ryan is the first $30 million per year QB

    I got your team friendly deal right here...
  7. X-Clown on 1

    DJ Moore - Judge For Yourself

    "Carolina has never been able to replace me...until now" -- Brenton Bersin
  8. X-Clown on 1

    Raiders sign Daryl Worley

  9. X-Clown on 1

    What time will 24th pick be?

    We picked Benji at #28 pushing 11:30 or so.....definitely going to be late
  10. We need a WR who plays on the outside, can beat the press (which is not Byrd or Samuel) and can take the top off the defense (exactly what Ginn did for us). This is the best compliment to Funchess or any WR1 for that matter. Torrey Smith can fill that role, but he's a short term answer and not the future WR2 of this team.
  11. I want the owner who's not going to meddle and is going to keep the team in Charlotte. I'm leaning towards Navarro being that guy...
  12. X-Clown on 1

    Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    All in favor of a BuzzFeed filter, say aye....