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  1. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    Bet the other owners line up behind this guy
  2. And they took away the smoking areas
  3. potential ownership groups?

    That is not an outlandish thought
  4. potential ownership groups?

    I bet they could get some pretty good financing
  5. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

    Mix on is soooo bad....maybe a benefit of new ownership would getting rid of him and Eugene
  6. potential ownership groups?

    First look at our minority owners McCall and felix
  7. Got to have the cash...that’s why I say McCall or Felix are front runners....both can get boa Financing in a snap
  8. Why would an owner want to move?....team making millions here
  9. Got to first look at the minority owners....McCall, Felix....regardless of JR sitiaution, bet he has hand in who buyer ends up being we we’re gonna deal with this soon enough....a positive that JR still around to see this thru
  10. Cam "Caucasian Invasion"

    We should go to these 2 guys Every play
  11. Team should help pay his fine
  12. I am grateful that JR brought us an NFL team to Charlotte and I will support him whatever the outcome of this is
  13. Screw diversity...it’s all about winning
  14. Game ball, who gets it?!!!!

    That’s easy...Greg Olson!
  15. So Olson and Mac are hot and we run up the middle twice
  16. Let’s let Olson be our coach...this is a lousy challenge
  17. We have got to figure how to get to Rogers
  18. Why on the hell did we stop going to mac??? if we dont figure out how to get some pressure on Rogers we are gonna lose this game