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  1. Bill Voth on Breeland coming back

    I do agree with gettleman on one thing...agents are scum
  2. Tidbits from my source

    Oh....got that one wrong.... sammuel can be a huge impact player for us, but got to wonder if he is ever going to be injury free
  3. Everyone needs to remember...these guys say one thing, but it is ALL about the $$ for them
  4. Tidbits from my source

    Or maybe when he tried to hide it and sign a multi million $$ contract
  5. Tidbits from my source

    If you are not on the field you are not helping the team and if you are rookie that is not out there from the beginning, and then gets injured again, and now looks like a year to recover...I would say that player would be a potential bust this is not high school soccer...it is Professional Football and these guys get BIG $$ injuries are going to part of the game, but some players are hurt more than others and with the $$ they are getting, they need to either contribute or be replaced
  6. Tidbits from my source

    It’s almost like gettleman knew he was out and purposely sabotaged us or maybe he is really just that lousy
  7. Tidbits from my source

    Hope your intel on sammuel is wrong...if he misses camp it looks like he will Be yet another gettleman bust crabtree just signed with the skins
  8. What's left at CB

    I sure hope we do better than Seymour but yes we need safety help in worst way
  9. Secondary...

    Got a good friend that’s UVA fan...devastated is understatement
  10. WTF!!! at least we know...danmit now go get josh back!
  11. What do we get for him?....he’s better than. 4th rounder, and I bet we don’t get more than that back one thing for sure, not remotely close to a first rounder, but does fit as a really good rotational player...assuming he can stay on the field
  12. No matter what, bet he’s better than Worley....and I thought Worley was a good young player with a big upside
  13. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    I hated this guy when he was at atl...seems like he made every tackle in the middle....
  14. If the Carolina kid can learn to catch them ball he’s the one
  15. Depth is always good and we need all we can get but a #1 pick needs to be a starter...and a good one it is becoming more apparent every day what a lousy GM gettleman was for us
  16. I hated this guy when he was with ATL and he is better than Star Big Vern is a rotational player at best...a wasted first rounder hurney continues to make up for gettlemans mistakes this is a really good move
  17. They are dreaming...no way anybody gives up a 1st
  18. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Hope we can keep Cam from getting killed with the OL were are gonna put out there
  19. Dean Smith is a legend....not even remotely a comparison with any merit
  20. This guy not Interested in anything but $$...just watch and see who he and his agent fleece
  21. Giants Sign CB Teddy Williams

    The human penalty...gettleman is getting the scrubs that for sure stew will have his moments, because he is a pro...but his legs are gone that contract that OL signed with ny for is absurd i am sooo glad gettleman is gone
  22. I want somebody just like kamara
  23. Coach has 3 really good vets in Kalil, Davis, and Pep that he’s got to get thru the season...gonna have to play some young guys to get em thru it
  24. Hell no...I wouldn’t give up 2 1st for Brady or Belichick stupid thread