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    Charlotte City Council

    The absolute worst council members to ever have been voted in...Winston, mayfield, and dimple are all despicable racists and a total embarrassment...just plain garbage
  2. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    forget about Waters, Cortez, Pelosi, or Harris...here is the new face of the Democratic Party illustrating their version of standing up for equality & justice http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/13/four-women-wanted-for-pummeling-applebees-waitress-in-georgia-police-say.html
  3. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    If you can’t see the hate being spewed out in the way they attacked and stabbed and robbed that waitress for no reason, they you are a big part of the problem...just wait until they get arrested....I bet 1000 to 1 they claim racial bias for their actions This is my last comment ever on tinderbox
  4. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    Knew you folks would all be defending them....maybe it’s time for you to recognize the racism on your side
  5. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    lets see what comes out about these "citizens"...bet i'm right about all & more
  6. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    maybe it was the part where after they beat up the white waitress they then stole her tips
  7. bull123

    New Face of Democratic Party

    if I had to guess...these ladies: 1) hate President Trump 2) are against voter ID 3) hate white people 4) feel entitled to "get theirs" 5) hate the police & feel that cops are only here to suppress them seems like the Democratic Party platform
  8. bull123

    Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

    Like the part where the gay pride event was featured
  9. bull123

    Trump making an ass of himself at NATO

    Roger Waters is a piece of garbage
  10. bull123

    Trump making an ass of himself at NATO

    Many of us are aligned with our President as his interests are United States interests, not European
  11. But he did say that the transcript of her closed door testimony should be made public no need to have the den clowns have a showcase like they did with that scum earlier this week
  12. Somebody answer this...how is any of this to be tied to the results of the election?
  13. Sure he should...but he should get credit when we do well
  14. bull123

    The Richardson Rule

    That was then, this is now...move on
  15. Hurney stays if we win games...he has on paper had a terrific off season
  16. Elder, Hall, cole Luke, the guys that didn’t play LY because of injuries...Is Samuel gonna give us anything? and don’t we have a couple of new OL, like the guy from minn? preseason games may show more than camp practices..that is likely where we begin to see if the rookie secondary guys are gonna be anything for us PS: CJ Anderson is a huge key for us...is he gonna be an impact player?
  17. bull123

    Charlotte City Council

    RNC could be coming to CLT...just want to point out hypocrisy of the Council
  18. So they arrested more Russians...it’s not like we don’t hack into their systems too...note that the Republicans didn’t get hacked, only dems...maybe the dems just aren’t as bright bet what they found was collusion amongst the dems to damage sanders and get Hillary the nomination also...don’t see how they could “influence” our National election anyway...not like they lined up Russians at the polls to vote cant wait to see what Paige said in her testimony...she is gonna bring em all down, including her smug boyfriend
  19. bull123

    Trump making an ass of himself at NATO

    I see asking someone to pay their fair share is adverse to many on this board...our President is looking after our National interests
  20. bull123

    What they’re saying...

    If I am an aints fan I’m confident too...a bad luck play away from nfc champ game and they would have assuredly given Philly a better game...maybe could have beaten them with them it’s mostly about Brees...he was really, really good LY...can he repeat it?
  21. Sucks for him and us...did he already sign a contract with guaranteed $$?
  22. bull123

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    The girl jordon is actually the best football writer...just hope she sticks to actual football issues and stays away from the other crap...which is probably unlikely
  23. bull123

    Fire Mick Mixon

    He was horrible there too...was thrilled when he left...my joy was short lived when he came here...he is just awful JR getting rid of romanowski was one of his biggest mistakes