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  1. This week...

    Just need to beat the Bears this week
  2. This week...

    Brees playing as good as he ever has....
  3. Matt Kalil

    We desperately need Ryan Kalil back
  4. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    I'm a lot more down on big Vern
  5. Don't wish injuries on anyone brees is as hot as anyone
  6. Ted Ginn Jr.

    Thanks gettleman
  7. I know...they are down 21-0 right now...I don't get it but they did beat us twice LY
  8. The int was totally his fault and cost us a touchdown we cant keep running on 1st down...need to run on 2nd and 5/6
  9. If he misses the bears game we should be OK but absolutely need him back for Tampa and atl
  10. We better be taking the bucs seriously...they are very good and winning at their place is going to be very tough to do
  11. Game etiquette

    Fans leaving early are not really fans...just there to be seen usually whining about too much cheering and standing wasting a ticket somebody else could have had
  12. Game etiquette

    Chiefs fans must be losers
  13. Game etiquette

    I like to stand most of the game however, I do try to show some consideration for who is behind me but if you plan to sit and clap politely the entire game, you should just go watch soccer up in Raleigh
  14. I loved Smitty never forgave gettleman
  15. Worley

    So what about this kid? i love his spirit and attitude...reminds of Josh in that way But he doesn’t play like Josh...he plays way off the WR like he is always worried they will run by him and he overruns plays and takes bad angles...a lot...other teams throw at him because they know Coaches took him last night out so they were pissed at his play So can he get better or are we gong to have to suffer thru him? really need him to get better
  16. He is really bad but they all have been horrid
  17. I didn’t even want to read this thread i will say....wtf with running on 1st down when it is clearly not working....we have to run the ball, and this is a huge problem, but that is not how you get it fixed we really missed Greg Olson last night, just killing me seeing him sitting up in the suites...he is an all-Pro big time player and can help Cam make plays when we need them most Gave them 14 pts on turnovers (wtf stew)...we dropped balls, we missed blocks...Cam had no time, when do we get Kalil back??...he anchors that line and could have helped with Cox There is no excuse for not getting that 1st down and that is on the coaches we are 4-2...right there in the hunt...coaches have kept things going thru all of the chaos off the field we have 10 games left...I say 7-3 to 11-5...may need 8-2 to 12-4 to win the division This is doable...division games are what are going to really count Don’t turn on the team now
  18. Who was the better coach?

    I know we are all mad about last night but...we gave them 14 pts on turnovers....the 58yder that we were all screaming about, you think gano is gonna make that? , and yes I wanted to see him try....we lost our best def player, which just sucked the life out of everybody including the players, we botched every chance we had in some way...and we still had a chance to win i like coach a lot and I am glad he is here...but yes I was pissed last night too i will not forgive fox for the 1-15 season but when Jake and Smitty played for us we were good and it was fun
  19. Trai turner

    I want KK to be like Cox
  20. Trai turner

    He sure got hammered last night We really miss Kalil anchoring our line Anybody got any intel on him?....is he gonna be back full force?
  21. We didn't play bad

    First off the 4-2 part is really good 5-2 going into the stretch with Tampa and Atlanta would be even better but...we have HUGE issues with our run game and that has to improve we really missed Olson last night...big time player for a big time game need Kalil and Coleman back playing well...big holes on the field right now where they line up If what the talk is about Luke is good and he is back soon (can anybody confirm that???)...that is best news...we can’t win the division without him Cam playing his heart out...lots of our guys are Last night was a tough one...nice break for all now Big Division games coming up...Just got to keep getting better