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  1. Could have probably gotten more for him if JR hadn't given him that ridiculous full NMC.

    Internal rumors indicated that Skinner was just going through the motions and by all accounts it seems Brindy is going to make every player work hard at both ends of the ice. Skinner didn't seem to fit with that mentality.

    It's interesting to note that DW said that they plan to keep Faulk.

    A projected lineup based on the posted roster could like something like:


    McGinn/ Staal/ Williams

    Ferland/ Necas/ Svechnikov

    Martinook/ Rask/ Maenalanen



    Hamilton/ de Hann

    Van Riemsdyk/ Faulk




  2. I'm not saying Kyle Allen will win the gig but if Rivera gives him a chance he may surprise some people.

    We're talking about the top rated QB in the 2014 class, rated higher than Watson, Mahomes, Kizer, and Rudolph; all first round picks.

    He's really only had one game in his career where he just got tore up and that was against Bama.

    Every where he's gone he's been on a short leash, he may be playing well but if the team wasn't he got benched

    It'll be interested to see how he does in TC and during preseason.

  3. On July 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM, JakeDel5674 said:

    Not a good comparison, good sir. Both of those guys can shoot, Graham did not shoot well at all. 

    Van Fleet shot 35% as a rookie.

    I agree we need to pump the breaks on Devonte but the comparison to VanVleet is not a bad one by any stretch. That's more accurate than most comparisons you will get on this board.

    I mean hell, VanVleet went undrafted. It's not like he's comparing Miles Bridges to LeBron James. 

  4. 9 hours ago, micnificent28 said:

    This is true I agree in this case she earned that tip she wanted. But I have been on the other end of spectrum. I went out to a club and a “waitress I guess that what she was/dancer” I asked for a beer reaches in to the fridge grabs me a beer charges me 6 dollars and then asked me can you give me my 5 dollar tip. I personally expected beer to be expensive when I go out, I don’t expect a waitress to challenge me about a tip on the spot for just reaching behind her and handing me what I paid for.

    I should have prefaced my point by stating that my opinion implies that the waiter/waitress is performing their job to the best of their ability.

    After all, individuals who work in the food and beverage industry should be aware that their occupation requires a standard of service that many occupations do not. On the contrary, the occupation itself can be very rewarding salary wise if you are lucky enough to climb the ladder of the industry.

    I've had a few downright terrible experiences where a waiter/waitress profiles me as a 25 year old adult who can't afford to leave a decent tip and therefore treats me as such. Regardless, I'm leaving 18% because at the end of the day I sat on my ass and didn't have to do a damn thing in regards to the preparation and service of the meal.

    I inferred from the tweet that the service was at the very minimum average and yet somehow Donte felt compelled to only leave $5.

    Personally, I take pride in tipping. If someone treats me well, I'll return the favor.

  5. 3 hours ago, Tbe said:

    Don’t get me wrong, It’s a nice story. But wasn’t it nice for those cameras to just happened to be there to capture it all....

    In today's society, when isn't their a camera around?

    I get what your saying but it would be foolish of the Panthers PR team to not take advantage of that interaction.

    More good than harm will come out of it regardless of whether it was a photo op or not.

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  6. Well the Hornets summer league has come to an end with an OT loss to the Raptors.

    We lost Monk, Graham, and Hernangomez to various reasons so unfortunately we didn't get to see the full potential of the team.


    Monk and Hernangomez both played well during the respective minutes that they each received. Each figures to be a key part in the success of this year's team.

    Bacon had a great summer league and figures to get a little burn this year. If there is an injury, he could see a lot of time. Next year, I could see him backing up Monk as we will more than likely lose Lamb to free agency.

    Bridges showed flashes but it's clear his shot is not even close to where it needs to be to get a lot of minutes. He's a human highlight reel but he needs to work on that shot, a lot.

    Graham, well we don't really know the extent of his injury yet. It's doubtful that he was going to have an impact this year anyway, but he may have a solid future in the NBA.

    Kubolka didn't show much outside of the first game but he's also very raw. Maybe we'll see him in few years,

    Macura looks Iike he may have the tools to be an average NBA bench player. He'll get his burn with the Swarm and maybe we'll see him down the road.

    Chealey played really well down the stretch and assistant GM Buzz Peterson mentioned him by name during an interview with Isiah Thomas. If Graham's injury is going to keep him out for a bit I could see the Hornets signing Chealey as the 3PG.

    Gabe DeVoe and B.J. Johnson showed enough that I could see the Swarm signing then. They don't look to have NBA future's but they are certainly G-League players and may be able to play themselves into a two-way contract in the future with an NBA team

    Mathiang didn't get much burn but it also doesn't look like he's progressssed much. He'll be with the Swarm again this year but he is unlikely to ever make it to the NBA.

    Petrasek and Henderson will likely head back to the Swarm as well. They didn't show much and like Mathiang they are unlikely to ever see the NBA.

    Shannon Scott was without a doubt our worst player and I don't see anyone picking him up. He'll probably head back overseas.

    That's all I got!

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  7. Well since Chuck was banned and his thread got deleted, here is a new one.

    Currenrtly the Hornets are tied 37-37 with the Raptors at half.

    Miles out there trying to put everyone in a body bag but he's also 2-11.

    Joe Chealey looks to be a pleasant surprise. The way Buzz Peterson spoke of him during the intermission, I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a contract as the 14th or 15th roster player.

  8. If there was a time to reach out to the Bucks it would be now.

    It appears the Bulls and Kings are about to offer sheet Parker. Instead of risking to lose Parker, maybe the Bucks would actually like to receive something for him.

  9. We really don't have any money or really any more space for additions unless there is a trade or clear upgrade (which we won't find at this point in free agency).

    I'm assuming we used the majority of our MLE on Parker but there may be a few million left. We also may have the bi-annual, but I'm unsure of that.

    Signing soneone just to sign someone seems pointless to me.

    I like Beasley but he wouldn't see time over Marv or Frank. Harrell is in a similar situation, who would he play over? West I could see as he is from NC, but he's been ring chasing the past few years; I doubt that changes.

    If any signings are made I could see it being a direct reflection of an injury (i.e. Graham).

  10. This is my personal opinion, but I always try to tip a fair percentage based off service and then depending how long I stay I'll throw in something extra.

    I overheard this waitress break down one time because she had been waiting on a table full of college age girls (probably a group of 15 or so) for 2.5 hours running food, drinks, etc. Anywho, they left her a $5 tip for 2.5 hours.

    2.5 hours is at the very minimum two additional tables she could have waited, maybe even three. I felt so bad I threw her a $50.

    In my opinion, not only are people not cognizant of tipping, but also how long they are staying. If Jackson spent two hours at the table and ordered $200 worth of food while only tipping $5 then he really is an ass. If you spend a poo ton of money but you are in and out, fine. However, when you stay a lengthy period of time keeping a waiter from getting their next table and still only tip $5... that makes you an ass.

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  11. Revisiting this, it really is a solid proposal.

    I'd even replace our 2nds with a top 20 protected first round pick (maybe even lottery protected only).

    Batum has stated that he will be moving back to small forward and unless the Hornets plan on having Bridges ride the pine pony a move needs to be made to free up some room.

    If a deal like this went through, a potential first and second unit could like like this:

    PG: Kemba, Parker

    SG: Lamb, Monk

    SF: Batum, Bridges

    PF: Parker, Marv

    C: Zeller, Hernagomez 

    9-12: Bacon, Biyombo, Graham

    Two-Way: Macura

    Additionally, the Bucks would look like:

    PG: Bledsoe, Jennings

    SG: Middleton, Brogdon

    SF: MKG, Snell

    PF: Giannis, Frank

    C: Lopez, Henson

    9-12: Teletovic, Dellavedova, Maker

  12. This would be a no brainier for the Hornets. We are wing heavy anyway so might as well ship out one to upgrade the PF position.

    I doubt the Bucks do it though, seems like 4 quarters for a dollar. I'm also not high on Frank though, who knows if the Bucks would be.

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  13. 1 hour ago, JakeDel5674 said:

    He's 6'3 dude, he is meant to be a PG. He's still developing his PG skills, if he can do that, he can be a deadly score first PG. Better than Kemba. If he stays at SG, his Defense will constantly be compromised, and will just be a shooter. We need more than that for the future. 

    Why do you think he was backing up Kemba at the end of the Season, and the beginning of the Season? Charlotte sees him as a PG for the future. Not a SG. 

    Basing what the prior coaching staff did with Monk and applying it to what this coaching staff is going to do doesn't work.

    Borrego has already made comments to suggest that he sees Monk as a two guard.

  14. It appears that Kupchak values second round picks more than Cho did as Biyombo is coming over along with two additional second rounders.

    Since Kupchak took over, the Hornets have acquired a 2018 2nd round pick (Hamidou Diallo, who was later traded away), two 2019 2nd round picks, two 2020 2nd round picks, and two 2021 2nd round picks.

    The Hornets did trade one of their own 2019 2nd round picks along with a 2023 2nd round pick for Graham, but obviously Kupchak decided to recoup the 2019 pick.

    It looks like Kupchak may like having two 2nd rounders so he can package them to move up higher into the second round to get a faller (i.e. Graham).

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  15. Not a bad trade.

    Biyombo replaces Howard as the rim proctor that the Hornets seem to be infatuated with and he also has chemistry with some of the guys on roster.

    Not sure if anyone followed the Magic last year but Vucevic was hurt for a month or so and they gave Biyombo some starts.

    When Biyombo averaged 20+ minutes a game he was averaging 10.5 points and 8.4 rebounds (someone needs to fact check me on this but I believe my math is correct).

  16. Not only would OKC not be getting the luxury tax relief that they desire, but MKG and Marvin are on that books for $30M until 2019/20 while Melo's deal comes off 2018/19.

    So not only do they end up in the luxury tax this year but potentially next year as well and they would also have $30M tied up in two average players when they would much rather have that $30M to offer a max to someone else.

    Plus, Carmelo is on his last tour. He'll end up in Houston on an MLE with a chance to win a ring.

  17. I think you'll see the Wizards regress a lot.

    They play a quicker pace game than us and they for some reason think it will be a good idea to incorporate Howard into their plans. That poo is gonna blow up on their face. I also don't like Rivers trade for them and I don't think their draft pick is going to contribute much right away.

    Wall will get them to the playoffs but it'll be as a 7 or 8 in my opinion.

    I also think the Heat will collapse this year. Whiteside gave up the team last year, Waiters is coming off a lengthy injury, Winslow hasn't taken the next step, and they may be unable the bring back Ellington who carried them at times last year.