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  1. Fug the Bills and their fans! Bring it on. After that ass-whipping they take on Sunday they can all pack up and take their asses back up North. There won't be one Bills fan in the stadium because of me. I'll be in there as usual in Section 123. Shame on any Panthers fan that sells their tickets to the opposing teams' fans. I don't want to hear that BS about family who have been fans of "fill in the blank" for years. Fug that noise! Keep Pounding!
  2. She's definitely hot!

  3. Yeah, I agree. The first time I saw that one I had to have it as mine. I've had a lot of comments about it over the years. Thats one of the reasons that I keep it. Everyone seems to like it. I could watch that thing for days......

  4. That woman in your avatar is one of the sexiest avatars ever.