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  1. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    If you pull out a gun, after someone else say they have a gun the purpose of pulling your gun on them is not just to scare them. Never pull a gun unless you are ready to use it.
  2. Pretty simple actually. Place the patch where you want it. Get lay a t shirt over the patch and use a iron. Back and forth about 30 seconds should do it.
  3. I ordered the patch for 6.99 off eBay and ironed it on myself.
  4. The Browns hauled their coaching search to Arizona and back. They talked to high-profile college coaches, NFL assistants and a fired pro coach who took a team to a Super Bowl. None of them was hired. Instead, Rob Chudzinski became their pick. With no experience as a head coach at any level, Chudzinski was hired Thursday night by the Cleveland Browns, the team he cheered for as a kid. This is Chudzinski's third stint with the team, but this time around he's the guy in charge. Chudzinski, who spent the past two seasons calling plays as Carolina's offensive coordinator, is the Browns' sixth full-time coach since 1999 and 14th in team history.