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  1. luke262

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    With our o line, can we beat these fugs?
  2. luke262


    That's a totally fair comment, dallas offense could be total dog poo
  3. luke262


    Defense wins championships and we might just have a good one
  4. luke262

    Hurricane Florence

    Thanks, I know everyone complains about the weather here in England but we're so lucky we don't have to face extreme weather like what's hitting you guys now.
  5. luke262

    Hurricane Florence

    Yeah the storm will have passed I'm just wondering what lasting damage is expected?
  6. luke262

    Hurricane Florence

    I'm flying in on friday, how's the rainfall expected to hit CLT? Been watching on the news the devastation caused elsewhere already, looks horrendous.
  7. Yeah Clark has more pedigree of starting, as soon as he's up to speed with the playbook he'll be starting
  8. That's exactly what I'm hoping for, the condition of Robinson is a complete mystery but that's still the best option I would guess.
  9. What a ballsy call on third and inches!
  10. Get in! need a couple of first downs now from pgilly, start running some time Off this clock.
  11. I think you now know but somebody being diagnosed this is not good news for anyone, ever.
  12. If its in the game :
  13. Yeah and bills are going 16 - 0
  14. Yeah think so. Any im off to watch the game, let's hope this panthers bills game has a touchdown in It!