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  1. Im a united fan and he did it a few weeks ago too when he scored. 
  2. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Cotchery? He's got pretty safe hands
  3. Contest prize?

    Pretty please? 
  4. Thing was I put it on then kb went down and it went straight to 50/1,  still can't complain
  5. Mate I put 40gbp on us to win 40/1   just got to work out how little to put on us for the lay
  6. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Speculation on my part but would td be up there with his arm  raised if hehe didn't belive he was going to play? 
  7. Injury updates

    I'd be so f ING happy 
  8. Injury updates

    He just said he wouldn't miss it for the world and raised his arm,  (his 'weak' arm)  
  9. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Get the f in!    Cmon td do us proud 
  10. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    You know they will put their all they possibly to have to play (if we get trough) 
  11. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Cmon td,  please be ok
  12. The Thomas Davis Onside Kick Recovery

    I actually couldn't be happier that it was td that gave us the win
  13. Hold on,  there's nothing to criticise,  what's everyone going to post about?!!! 
  14. Mort... Stage IV Throat Cancer

    See My brother of 29 last week was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer, multiple myeloma.   I appreciate how unfair and horrible this disease can be.  I truly wish you and all around you the very best.  God pray for you and your family x