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  1. luke262

    Second trip to CLT

    Also what I want to know, any good places to go Saturday night for a good pre match party night?
  2. Just got flights hotel and tickets for my second ever trip to the Queen city. Came last year for my first game to witness an epic 9 - 3 thriller featuring zero touchdowns against the bills! Hoping for a better game this year against cincinatti. Coming from England amidst the news that the roaring riot are having a meet in London the week I am away (typical). Got exactly the same seats as last year, in the sun, first row of the uppers on the away side at the 40. Anyway hope to see a few of you at the riot tailgate beforehand! Keep pounding.
  3. luke262

    I’ll be in Charlotte Tomorrow Afternoon

    I'm coming over for the second time this September. Where's best to go for views of stadium / City?
  4. Backup qb still needed too. But yeah most of the holes have been filled.
  5. Doesn't everyone (media etc) say tampa Bay improve the most every offseason and then they massively dissapoint as usual?
  6. luke262

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    Don't fifth rounders tend to be projects by their very nature?!??
  7. Maybe down, not up. Will hernandez 328%
  8. luke262

    tickets wanted

    Are general release sales still only open to NC & SC residents?
  9. Oh lord I hope so, week 5 is what I've pencilled in for my trip this year. Would be happy to see us beat gettlemans men!
  10. Navarro would me my preference, sc links, no new stadium needed etc etc
  11. Full schedule usually announced at the end of April, is that right?
  12. Surely not after getting the contract upgrade he got?!
  13. luke262

    Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    Dude drops passes left right and centre, I'd rather willson who would more than likely be cheaper. Someone will pay over the odds for ebron simply because he was a first round pick.