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  1. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    When he was a free agent only two teams looked at him, vikings and yep, the panthers. Sadly for us he chose them
  2. Incredible game, typical Liverpool trying to lose when they are in a comfortable position. As far as arsenal are concerned look at the players in the squad, many many average players and arguably the best two on their way out with sanchez already played his last game with ozil and wilshere potentially leaving for free
  3. What a game this one! With arsenal it's like the whole club is in free fall, wenger is probably wishing he left after the family Cup win.
  4. TD Last Season 2018 Per Rappaport

    Did you not see him against the saints last week?
  5. London 2018?

    I've heard it's 3 at Wembley and 2 at White Hart Lane, we'll find out in 90 minutes either way!
  6. London 2018?

    These are apparently the Wembley games only, possibly two at White Hart Lane (Soccer stadium) to be announced also.
  7. London 2018?

    What makes you say that?
  8. Totally understand why losing a home game is a nightmare for you guys, however a game in London this year would save me £££ in flights from UK to Charlotte. Bring it on!!
  9. Thank You Panthers 2017

    I'm definitely proud of this team. Cam played well, defense did enough when it counted. We had a lack of receiving talent on the field and that cost us, but the men on the field played as hard as they could. No shame in that.
  10. Grounding?

    Had Adams been the receiver the 'catch' would have 100% been reviewed
  11. That effort by Funchess...

    The man has one arm, think he played pretty remarkably considering.
  12. Yeah not even gonna bother if you can't understand. You're now blocked, Dont talk to me again.
  13. Intimidation? Head to head contact is an illegal hit and for you to suggest that you want someone to intentionally cause someone potential brain damage is either you on a troll or you are just a massive idiot, or drunk or all of the above. Go away.
  14. Can't say I'm praying for us to draft someone in order to knock an opponent out. Catch your drift though about needing a safety
  15. The Cam Conundrum

    What antics? What does that have to with his performances? How would you (or anyone of us) have the slightest idea of his work ethic? Everyone has different techniques, because his isn't traditional doesn't mean he's lazy for christ sake. We all heard his car was one of the last ones at boa the other day, which is probably a better indicator of someone's work ethic.