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  1. bythenbrs

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    I thought that was a sport in the Winter Olympics? ;)
  2. Are Dallas cheerleaders trade eligible? Wondering how many by age and hair color would be equivalent trade value? Asking for a friend...
  3. Are you claiming that this season will be topless?
  4. You mean, like, move away from the successful zone coverage that worked so well for us last year? True dat. If it 'aint broke, don't fix it.
  5. That's a strong statement, Mr. Scott. I am embarrassed to say, I don't know if both are still with us. Who is the Norv Turner of secondary coaching or did he just leave us to be HC with the Cardinals? Hate to see us draft exciting young talent and then watch them flounder under weak coaching.
  6. Is the coaching staff trying to reunite Sirles with M. Khalil, thinking that it will recreate some kind of chemistry they had previously, playing side by side? Admittedly, this theory is weak but its all I got.
  7. Two men enter, one man leaves...
  8. Did you say ball security or mall security? More seriously, what a difference over two years. Is stickum illegal in the NFL?
  9. bythenbrs

    Panthers sign 7 UDFA

    So, Reggie Bonnafon is trying out for the Joe Webb roster slot?
  10. bythenbrs

    Panthers sign 7 UDFA

    Pie for remembering Larry Sprinkle. I think he is or almost is fully recovered from that very serious car accident about a year ago. Nice local guy.
  11. bythenbrs

    Most important needs?

    Top three needs in order... C (starts at guard this year), S, WR Who is going to open holes for your shiny new running back this year? Who is going to snap the ball, call the blocking schemes when Khalil retires next year? We need to draft next year's starter at center this year and get him game time experience at Norwell's spot this year.
  12. I have never been a fan of augmentation. I imagine it is expensive and it never looks natural.
  13. Would love to see Reid at 24 and then Wynn, Hernandez or Price at 2:24. You could get two starters out of the first two rounds and that is not a bad days work...