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  1. There you go, trying to inject reason and objectivity into the Huddle. Stop it. Stop it now.
  2. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    This will never happen and I will assuredly be flamed for suggesting it... [Hypothetical situation where Jerry brings both Star and Norwell into a conference room and shuts the door. ] 'Fellas, listen up. Signing both of you greatly improves the odds of keeping Cam healthy and winning a Super Bowl but we cannot sign both of you, if you both expect to get max contracts. Blows up the cap, you know that. I am asking each of you to take a reasonable home team discount. You will still both be set for life and you may eventually retire as a Panther with a Super Bowl ring, along with my great admiration and respect. Now I am going to leave this room and allow the two of you to discuss this privately. Take as much time as you would like and this conversation remains between the three of us.' Game theory calls this the 'Prisoner's Dilemma' and the expectation is that neither will cooperate with the other but sometimes the stars align and you get the unexpected when you appeal to people's higher nature. I give it one chance in ten but it is zero chance if you don't give it a try. Flame away.
  3. Mayo brings the mustard

    I'm surprised no one went with, 'Pepper the gumbo'. Extra credit for knowing the movie reference.
  4. Foolish me. I was expecting Jeremy to announce a ten year AA battery or a cure for male pattern baldness...
  5. No votes for Kerry Collins? /sarc
  6. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Long time Huddler but haven't posted in quite a few years. Even remember a couple of draft parties downtown but I'm sure they have been moved to more upscale locations in the intervening years. A couple of names I remember from way, way back include NanceUSMC, Mr. Scott, Kurb, Cyberjag and Jeremy's alter ego, Zod but I am embarrassed that I have forgotten more of the old, original crowd than I still remember. We used to have rep and neg rep but now we have pie and beer? I'll take pie, please. My thanks to Le Proprietaire for providing such a great service to the Panther faithful. Jeremy, to you, sir (raises glass). BytheNbrs