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  1. bythenbrs

    Panthers sign OT; IR Williams

    Responding to our rash of o-line injuries, Norv Turner gets creative and rolls out the center only o-line scheme...
  2. bythenbrs

    Trai has a concussion

    Just shoot me now...
  3. Good point. The difference between theory and reality.
  4. bythenbrs

    LG Brendan Mahon

    Uh oh. Braces on both knees. Perhaps the reason he is UDFA is a prior medical issue? Pics of him at camp do know show braces. Hmmm...
  5. On the positive side, Matt's slide at the end of the play looked in good regular season form. Quarterbacks, take note; this is how it's done.
  6. Tell me Cam's mean, median and amplitude of the highs and lows and then I can answer your question.
  7. bythenbrs

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    I thought that was a sport in the Winter Olympics? ;)