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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Arya has Needle, Sam has Heartsbane. Uncle Benjin is Coldhands. Bran has visions of "BURN THEM ALL" There wasn't a ton of action but there was a lot of stuff going on, how anyone can gripe about this one is beyond me.
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

  3. Presser at 3pm

    added a little something
  4. How old is your primary TV?

    My Panasonic 52" plasma is 9 years old. It isn't as bright as it used to be and it's starting to get line fade/bleed. I don't really notice it unless something bright with sharp lines like South Park is on though. I first noticed it when the "This preview is approved for all audiences" screen with the white text on the bright green background was on before a movie.
  5. Too late Should have tanked last season for a better pick
  6. There have only been 6 Super Bowl rematches played in NFL history the following season, at least according to to this article: http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000396558 The only other one to happen in week one? KC vs Min, in 1970 Oh, and the Super Bowl winners are 0-2 in games played before week 9
  7. Walking Dead Season 6

    well our protagonists are now properly screwed. trevor phillips enterprises is in the house
  8. Walking Dead Season 6

  9. Walking Dead Season 6

    these people are retarded and i hope they all die
  10. I thought chop blocks were already penalized?? the fug is this retardation? edit: I read a little and some used to be OK but now all are not. good thing I guess
  11. Walking Dead Season 6

    Some more of that old ass gasoline working like a charm ungh. I need some of that poo for my damn lawn mower.
  12. Cam Newton's 1969 Chevelle

    was hoping they'd fire it up
  13. Nah. He can't hold one and run a lighter at the same time anymore, anyhow.
  14. murphy's law in full effect