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  1. cptx

    Julio Jones holding out

    3-28... Come on, y'all. Have some coffee, damn.
  2. throw a few links for the lazy?
  3. cptx

    Avengers Infinity War!

    It was pretty great. One thought I had was imagine if you are a kid that has grown up watching the MCU movies as long as you can remember and then seeing this. My ex took her 12 year old and she told me that he was straight up bawling at the end. For someone that hasn't read the comics I guess it was pretty brutal. Just another perspective I guess.
  4. They already used the 5th year on him
  5. cptx

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    ahaha what the fug
  6. haha, he edited it and it's still bad
  7. I'm glad that whoever released his tweets from high school didn't cause him to get screwed over in the draft
  8. cptx

    Greg gets extension

    Alright that explains your ramping it up a little more I guess. I still say the whole deal was just pedantic all together. The first post was obviously referring to Greg specific deal (to me anyhow). Anything after that was just a little bit much lol
  9. cptx

    Greg gets extension

    But this one wasn't... I'm still missing where he said "always"?