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  1. Regardless of who went before---Considering the talent available when we picked him and given DGs drafting in the past, this Bradberry could be good off the bat. I see a lot of people talking about it taking a bit but I think he has potential to be out there quite soon and effective.
  2. "Desert Trip" Concert: October Coachella

    I may actually go. Won't be too far living in La Jolla.
  3. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    Stanperon: Get out of this thread. Thank you. Another new one. Album is officially out on Sunday.
  4. Been an embarrassing election cycle for America all around.
  5. Yeah nice write-up. I noticed the lack of separation in his game watching some highlights. Even during his monster games, a lot of his catches were in traffic. I'm neutral on him but definitely high on cash. Really interested in this Bradberry fellow. I really like what I've read about him and it's becoming clear why he was viewed as a 2nd rounder. I think he may have an impact a lot sooner than people expect.
  6. Yeah we've got a good system in place. They've built from the ground up so the nice thing is along with this, we have an excellent foundation in place to do this around.
  7. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    exactly what I thought of watching the music vid lol
  8. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Yeah I see a lot of people looking for fine distinctions between the LB and S role relative to a player like Cash but he's going to fit a very particular role and it sounds we have a good idea about it. I'm very excited for this. A sub-package "moneybacker" & ST >>> ST & only a backup role. This is the most confident I've ever felt about a UDFA getting a roster spot in a while this early on. People can dog him all they want for his coverage skills (which aren't that bad just average considering the early stage in his career) He was ACC DPotY for a reason and is a mad man against the run. He only fits a few defenses in the league at the moment which is one reason why I think he went undrafted along with his room to grow in coverage.
  9. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    I want to know about Bradberry. I mean, he's a second round pick from Samford--would love to hear about him as much as possible.
  10. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    You've gotta factor in they're probably leading people into the new album. This is the most anticipated I've been since In Rainbows. I think this will be back towards an IR/Hail to the Thief type aesthetic which I'm quite interested in. Ready for a lush Ed O'Brien solo to come firing in haha.
  11. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    "Dave...., Dave...Dave...."
  12. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    This is a draft I went from feeling the weirdest about to really liking it in a short amount of time haha
  13. About those corners...

    The more I'm looking into these guys, I really like Bradberry and Sanchez. Would have been nice to have some type of addition on the offensive line depth wise but we can still find some good adds. The team is well rounded. Slightly light at safety and OL depth but we're in good position. Sanchez learning more skills from Boykin could be awesome. Bradberry may be on the outside sooner than people expect IMO. 2nd round pick for a reason.