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  1. True...that's a valid point LG. Can't wait for this draft to get here.
  2. Interesting interview with Vernon Butler. In wonder if a team has given him assurance about not making it past their pick if available? Detroit possibly. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl-news/4703034-nfl-draft-diary-vernon-butler-louisiana-tech-lions-panthers-titans
  3. Draft Day Menu

    Unfortunately: Whatever looks best in the DIA West Terminal :/.
  4. Just curious: where's the Coleman falling talk been happening? From what I've gathered, his trajectory has seemed to be from the 3rd/4th wide out to the first off the board in Round 1. Quick note: The Texans, Redskins and Jets are just some of the teams apparently targeting him. The Vikes have a need at WR but it's been rumored Coleman is not getting past Houston. If he goes before, the Texans are apparently quite on the Butler train so I can really see Hunter Henry ending up the pick.
  5. Your final predictions (#30)

    Ahh so that's what the All-Pro Vernon Butler thread is about. Btw, which mod should I message that I'm unable to get all-pro? The payment section doesn't load when I try to sign up.
  6. And then Deion Jones lol...the trifecta!
  7. I think Doctson and Coleman are definitely off the board but would be ecstatic if Coleman somehow fell. I can imagine he'd be hard to pass up at 30.
  8. Let's talk about safeties

    Like I mentioned earlier, if you can find a guy that can play both the run and the pass well, diagnose plays quickly, and line up in the box, that's your SS. I just feel Coleman's more naturally a tweener/FS and younger guys tend to move into the SS role. It's better to have someone with seasoned ball skills at FS like Coleman who knows how to keep the opposition in front of him. Many will say there's not much difference between the two spots these days but I disagree. Coleman can be a liability in the run game if a RB gets to the second level and you don't want that with a box safety. We also have learned our coaches like guys strong against the run and it's why I think Cash or Thompson would be very solid choices.
  9. Matt Miller actually has a good track record but I do expect some B/R quips. Being this close to the draft however, there will be a lot of reported "interest" thrown around. I'd even take the good intel guys with a grain of salt.
  10. Paxton Lynch to the Saints?

    This may sound crazy but this could be one of those classes where the most successful are ones at random spots in the draft. I think it's Dak and Hogan this year. I don't know what it is but those two just seem like they will translate well...but then again I did think Ricky Stanzi was going to be something in the NFL lol.
  11. Let's talk about safeties

    He's been mentioned around round 2-3 for a bit. He's the type depending on the scheme, one team could view him high 2nd, others maybe more mid rounds. He's arguably the best coverage safety in the class but has SS instincts, speed, and size. Just a very interesting combo that reminds me of Jaquiski Tartt from last year who had a quietly stellar rookie season in SF.
  12. We may find out sooner than later they're relocating. Check it out: http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20160425/viva-las-raiders-owner-mark-davis-to-make-a-commitment-to-las-vegas-this-week
  13. Let's talk about safeties

    Having the tweener types like Boston and Coleman is great but it would be nice to have a long term SS that can play in the box stellar against the run with strong coverage skills. Coleman can be a liability in that regard. He's a heck of a ballhawk but definitely shows inconsistencies at times in run support which is why I think he's better suited in deep coverage as our center fielder. He should stay back there and keep picking guys off left and right. I like both guys but would question the combo on the field at the same time against power run/AC teams. Boston did play outside corner, nickel, SS and FS in college so his versatility is huge. I just think getting a guy that has strong closing speed against the run+reads QBs well is huge for the SS spot which is why I think this is still the glaring need. With the tackling angles Boston and Coleman sometimes make, an RB getting to the second level with them paired out there wouldn't be ideal.
  14. Interesting "Consensus" Big Board

    Interesting. People may dig at it being B/R but Matt Miller is known to have good sources and has been accurate in past drafts.