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  1. Can't wait to see Byrd and Samuel blow past people and Cam throw up bombs way down the field utilizing their speed and Cam' s strong arm and deep ball accuracy.
  2. He's one dynamic ass little man and with an OC that actually can use him correctly, he will be explosive. I'm happy to have him regardless of where he was taken. Some of you can continue to be Debbie downers but that's your problem
  3. Jerry Richardson shouldn't be allowed to make the decision on this
  4. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    if Hurney is doing the drafting we might as well chalk up one bum ass wr as one of our picks
  5. Potential Steal Alert

    Sounds like our typical Dwayne Jarrett, Donald Lafell, David Gettis type draftee
  6. My problem is Dawson is a creek not a lake
  7. When you wish upon a Star...

    Doesn't sound like he has much interest in returning. Burwell is more of a priority anyways. We would be crazy to throw a lot of money at Star.
  8. Couldn't care less about that broski or his ventures
  9. The Jerry Richardson statue

    keep the statue but replace Jerry's head with Ked Woodley's head and add the words "dominate that foe"
  10. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    hurry up and trade Kemba already. Better get a lottery pick for him though. Time to get this rebuild started
  11. Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    Crossing my fingers for this. Seems like we are lining up something big
  12. A fine mess

    The good thing is it doesn't take a rocket scientist to draft good players
  13. Mitch Kupchak our new GM?

    If we actually get rid of Cho I may end my boycott and give this franchise another chance. We shall see
  14. lol this is starting to feel like the 49ers dumpster fire of a few years ago. Its going to take tremendous leadership to hold this team together through all that is happening