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  1. I was impressed. Hit him in the open field and it's a TD all day long
  2. Peppers is only starting because of his reputation. He is one of the greatest ever. He has no burst or speed anymore. It's sad bu lt he has gotten old. We need to address the position. Really wish we would play Haynes
  3. Good thing it was only game 2. Plenty of time to correct things. We beat ourselves more than anything. Clean up dumb mistakes and we are good
  4. We can't force feed CMC check downs constantly. It's a good safety vavle but we shouldn't have to rely on it so much
  5. Really? I don't think Ron makes those decisions. Blaming everything on Ron is lazy and pathetic
  6. Daddy_Uncle

    A Little Concerned About TB

    After 2 games they look like the best in the division
  7. Daddy_Uncle

    Worst Possible Outcome

    Boohoo. Every team loses from time to time. A perfect season is not reality. No coach is perfect. I'm not putting all the blame on our 2 time coach of the year like a lot of you do. If you don't realize that there is a difference between coach speak at the podium and coach speach in the locker room then you are stupid and don't actually follow sports
  8. Good thing is it's only week 2. Let's hopefully learn from this game, get some guys healthy and move on
  9. Daddy_Uncle

    Kuechly looks like poo

    When you are the only person on defense doing anything eventually the load on your shoulders gets too much to bear. He was the only person playing in the first half.
  10. Cam deserves so much better
  11. There's no way you let Matt fuging Ryan run on you like that
  12. Needed the defense to win this game for us and it looks like they are gonna lose it for us
  13. I don't understand why we don't go to a hurry up offense and try to get some momentum. We are out there looking like we already lost
  14. Daddy_Uncle

    We are far from deep at receiver

    We have 2 key receivers hurt. Not having depth hurts the rest of the position