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  1. Me and my dad are South Carolina fans. I remember watching that Auburn vs. S.C. game with him, it was a great game, and saying to my dad, "Man that Cam Newton would look great in a Panther uniform huh." And my dad responded with, "He sure would."

    DAB ON 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I have a texas address, would anyone be willing to help me with this? Its very rare for me to be able to go to a game and if I have to pay the resale price plus airfair and hotel it will be impossible for me!
  4. Last man standing pie!!!!

    Finally #1!!! No debate!
  5. Packers against QBs that can run

    We need to "come right in their mouths", as they say . . .
  6. Luke is awesome, best Linebacker in the league!   @stevieposton
  7. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

    The problem is, and homers just don't want it To be true, is that Newton had the vision of a blind cave bat. On a 3rd down sack by dansby, the whole middle of the field was wide open and Lafell came streaking across it, but Cams eyes never even budged from the primary receiver who took a decade to get open. The play ended with lafell telling cam, "hey I was wide the frick open. Look for me bra". The truth until Cam learns to go through his reads in an efficient manner, he will be an average qb at best.
  8. Yes sir, hopefully he'll tear up the bears. Now, if we don't take Luck if we get the number one I feel like it might be the biggest mistake this team ever makes.

  9. I too was a supporter of bringing Thigpen here, but no one agreed with me. hope he does well for the rest of the year so we look like geniuses.

  10. Awww shucks. When you grow up cheering for the Falcons in the 70s, you learn to keep believing no matter what. So happy to be a Panthers fan now!