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  1. shaqattaq

    Your most hated NFL team?

    3. ATL for the whole conference rivalry thing 4. Dallas for Jerry Jones being an asshat edit: I almost forgot 5. "Bengals - Burfict and his ankle twisting shenanigans will forever make my blood boil." Thanks britishpanther.
  2. If we win our division, which is loaded, that's a successful season. Even if we split with the Taints.
  3. Yeah, Obada was supposed to be there as #11. I agree about Munnerlyn, but I think he stays unless Elder completely dominates him during camp.
  4. Here's my best guess: Offense - 24 QB (2): Cam, Gilbert RB (3): CMC, Anderson, Barner (sorry CAP) FB (1): Armah WR (6): Funchess, Smith, Moore, Wright, Samuel, Byrd TE (3): Olsen, Thomas, FA? (How injured is Manhurtz? We go into week 1 with 2 if he looks like he's coming off IR soon) T (3): Kalil, Williams, Moton G (4): Turner, Sirles, VanRoten, Silalotu C (2): Kalil, Larsen, Defense - 26 DE (5): Addison, Pep, Horton, Hall, Haynes DT (4): Poe, KK, Love, Butler LB (6): Luke, Shaq, TD, Mayo, Norris, Carter CB (7): Bradberry, Jackson, Seymour, Cockrell, Munnerlyn, Elder, Doss S (4):Adams, Searcy, Gaulden, Southward (Jones is fighting Doss for #53 on the roster) PS - 11 Norton DT Cox S Cox DE Parms S Hood RB/FB Allen QB Andre Smith LB Bosch G Mahon G Baylis TE
  5. Agreed. That rookie safety is also really a nickle. I think either Southward/Parms/Cox make it and possible Jones as well. He really is a good St player.
  6. Most people agree that it's butt ugly.
  7. Obviously Archie then had Peyton fake a neck injury in 2011, so that the Colts would finish last, draft Luck, trade Peyton to the Broncos (Elway being the 3rd retired NFL QB in this conspiracy) and getting Peyton another SB ring! It's obviously a conspiracy!! *join me in the tinder box and I'll explain how George Bush and the Freemasons secretly worked for decades to get Trump in power and what it has to do with an ancient alien race living among us!
  8. shaqattaq

    Bad review for an old friend

    Stews there to teach Barkley and Gallman the finer points of playing in NFL (like stay away from OBJ's punk ass) and to help keep Eli upright. It's worth noting that he's still one of the better blocking RB's out there and the Giant's don't have a FB on the roster. Also, I didn't realize that they picked up Scoot, I liked him! Give em hell Scoot!
  9. shaqattaq

    Panthers TC Preview...NFL.com

    Can't argue with this. It's obvious that the longer a O-line plays together, the better they get. The sooner Moton/Sirles/Larsen gets named #1, the better. Every snap counts, especially wedged between the Kalil brothers. I think CB will be filled by committee, depending on our coverage scheme. Cockrell in zone, and Jackson/Seymour in man. In fact, I think Safety is a bigger position battle in TC/ pre-season than CB. I want to know if Parms/Southward/Cox have improved with a year in the system. Is Gaulden going to make a smooth transition? I think Adams and Searcy start against Dallas, but I really want to see how the line up behind them pans out.
  10. I'm hoping at least 1 of the plethora of new guards really stands out. I'm also going to be watching Parms, Cox, and Southward at Safety to see if one of them steps up with a year on the sidelines under their belt.
  11. chronic masturbation.
  12. I'd pay good money to pop belichick in the head!
  13. shaqattaq

    Uber/Lyft on game days

    Get a bike peddler, South end is right at the rail. Even driving in from out of town, I usually leave my car at the I-485 station and train it in. The rickshaw is a nice idea.