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  1. He held his poo together (barely) until he signed that big contract, then his crazy was off to the races.
  2. We grabbed Armanti in that draft too.
  3. I'd have to argue against DT as well, even though the way we rotate, Love and Butler could be improved upon.
  4. Catching a TD pass is the 1(and only) thing Cam hasn't done yet.
  5. S4L's Panthers Mock Draft

    Funny, you fit right in with a lot of the other huddlers. I just hope you guys don't have a repeat of last years, planets-perfectly-aligned, draft. That was unreal.
  6. Along the same lines of reasoning, I kinda like James Daniels here. Not a sexy pick, but I think that he's more NFL ready than anyone else on the list. Day 1 starter at LG, and becomes our franchise center for the next 8-9 years (20 years old when the season starts). Landry's a little undersized, and we have Hall waiting in the wings.
  7. Tarvarius Moore

    Drafting in the bottom of the 3rd is always a gamble.
  8. Tarvarius Moore

    Wow, nothing to hate on those clips/ write ups. I've been looking at Jessie Bates III, Marcus Allen, and Kyzir White (all of which we visited with) as our 3rd rd safety prospects, but this guy just made the list! edit: 3rd rd is where I feel we draft a safety unless a top prospect drops.
  9. Reviewing this years pre draft visits

    I've mostly seen both of these mocked to the 3rd rd, so that tells you what our plan is.
  10. I thought last wee "wouldn't people crap their pants if Hurney picked Miller at 24". It's definitely easy to rationalize (theoretically) though, Light's a fire under the lesser Kalil, and gives us a year to prep our franchise LT (if Miller really is a franchise LT, I don't know much about him). Hell, he could take Matt's starting spot, Matt could be a good (and grossly overpaid) backup. At least, he let's us move Moton to LT without having to worry about bumping him out LT if Matt get's hurt.
  11. I'd kill for the 2 Tampa picks.