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  1. Kalil Not Practicing

    So why's he out? and if Norwell isn't playing well, should have grabbed Denver's former safety then.
  2. If our offense wakes up in this game and defense holds them to around 20, then i'll be a believer. Then we stop New England Chowdah Paants and we are Super Bowel bound.
  3. I could have swore Peppers had two sacks in both games?
  4. 16.7% TD rate in the redzone.

    Gotta love Shula. Put this on the list of reasons to fire this fug. Plus KB dropping passes when it matters. Maybe Hurney wants Shula to prove he was right about keeping Gano.
  5. Glorified Preseason Games?

    But hey we got cmc for that and shula is using him how i expected by making him fozzy 2.0
  6. Glorified Preseason Games?

    A part of me agrees then i remember how long shula has been here. Honestly he could still be limiting cam
  7. For the Shula Haters

    Shula continues to prove our worst nightmare in this game. This is exactly what i expected. No creativity with cmc. And now 3rd and 17 and we call that poo. We will never get anything done with this fuging utter moron calling plays.
  8. We stand no chance next week or the week after btw.
  9. This is possibly the worst panthers game ive ever witnesses. Ive never seen a team put in so little effort and lead a game. This team came out playing not to lose as soon as the plane left san fran last week. This is absolute boring frustrating poo.
  10. People pretended that things would change but it never has
  11. Im seeing a combo of poo play calling and cam not dumping balls off. The one run for the first down mccaffrey was open. That last sack, funches was open underneath.
  12. For the Shula Haters

    Oh btw OP, you do realize the oc for bungals is a scapegoat for gingerhead right? The problem is dalton, oc took the fall.