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  1. Everyone claimed him as a hall of famer in this offseason. He's not even a starting QB at this point. He got figured out.
  2. Can we also talk how the locker room there is poo b/c of him? Not the case here.
  3. RumHam

    2 Tickets for Sunday

    Cheaper seats on stub hub for same area. i'll do $40 a pop.
  4. RumHam

    Curtis Samuel

    I'm calling the entire season. Ron is hiding this.
  5. RumHam

    DB depth is looking scary

    Seriously, he's a nickel corner that doesn't play every down and his job is to defend receivers. So someone please tell me why only having four tackles is used to determine if he's good or not? Technically, the less tackles means the better coverage.
  6. RumHam

    DB depth is looking scary

    I mean if he's so anti-trump, it seems feasible.
  7. But still, imagine winning in that literal asshole. We be balls deep
  8. I have a feeling this is this year's Ron's badly hidden injury. I have a feeling Samuel isn't coming back this season. If that's the case, cut him.
  9. Eifert is dangerous and hopefully our LB can do something about him.
  10. RumHam

    Graham Gano

    Nothing was on the line. DO IT WHEN IT MATTERS WHICH IS WHEN HE fugS UP
  11. This is the game it all comes together. Bungals 18 Panthers 37 OR A TIE BECAUSE THE NFL IS DOING THIS WEEKLY NOW
  12. RumHam

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    i'd say being in an oven is worse than being on it?
  13. RumHam

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    So can we all agree that Beane leaving was better than staying? Trade away the QB that got you into the playoffs and start Nathan fuging Peterman, which is probably someone that hangs out at Ale House on Friday Nights?
  14. 1. Luck 2. RG3 3. Kraperneck 4. Wilson 5. Watson All were hyped above Cam yet here we are. Yeah, the team doesn't have a Super Bowl but he has a MVP. Wilson has a Super Bowl, but thank fuging god their window is bolted down and boarded up and the whole damn house might as well be demolished. Watson is a Clemson QB, enough said on that one. Point is, the longevity is unquestioned as playing at a high caliber level for now 7 years.