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  1. Its gotta break sometime. He hit a wall. Hes done. Trade bait.
  2. 11-5 or fire Rivera

    Chargers fired schottenheimer after 14-2
  3. This STILL GOES BACK TO THE fuging ORGANIZATION! Why in the absolute fug are they not sharing information? Kalil probably needs to retire because I have a feeling his neck injury is Peyton-esque. I really think this organization is down at Cleveland and Miami level except for hiring a guy who could evaluate talent, WHICH WE FIRED TO BRING BACK THE GUY WHO CONTINUES TO poo THE BED. If this is true on KB, and maybe it couldn't be mentioned due to the trade potential, but Hurney has been back since camp and has only made bonehead moves. Getting Brad Kaaya to stroke his ego, bringing in the worst kicker in NFL history with a mental problem, and letting go of our number one WR. DER WE DON'T HAVE SPEED. THEN fuging ADAPT. YOU HAVE TWO fuging TWIN TOWERS TO THROW JUMP BALLS TO IN THE END ZONE BUT YOU'D RATHER RUN CAM OUT OF fuging SHOTGUN ON 4TH AND 3. KB's knee isn't the only fuging ticking time bomb. This franchise's regression is only saved by Cam and Luke, and both will be potentially useless within the next year with injuries.
  4. Jesus man pass the dutchy would you?
  5. 38-9 Shitbirds. Hate to say it. Repeat of Saints game. It would take rain and some worse magic to end up 6-3.
  6. I knew this the day he was announced. He's not going anywhere until Cat croaks.
  7. Hurney needs that 8 mil to pay Aguayo or Stewart long term. Or even Amini Silatolu. Don't be surprised if we cut TD and Olsen anyways after year's end, which is what GMan probably wanted to do anyways. JR continues to be the problem.
  8. 5-11, retain the staff and the core cuz jr is cheap af
  9. We arent winning sunday. Locker room is angry.
  10. Falcons Week - Look Alive

    The locker room is deflated after today. We arent coming close to winning this game. If cam has balls, throw the staff under the bus, get traded for seventh rounders, and hurney can finally start his guy kaaya
  11. Sign aguayo for no reason, trade kb for kibbles and bits, expect a shula and stewart extension next. Actually nm, we will cut peppers next. Hurneymagic
  12. I guess bojangles stocks are down. JR doesnt want to pay playoff salaries