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  1. No we're not. take your bandwagon back to boston. i'll still hope the eagles pull this off even though they won't.
  2. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    Until it's official, i'm not buying it. another source said they were hiring someone else today.
  3. Sorry bruhs but we beat the Chowdah Cheetahs already this year, beat the pigeons, bills, vikings, should have beaten the eagles, and the only tarnish was the stanks.
  4. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    Mike and Mike this morning they stated they are slated to hire someone not named Wilks. Will probably happen today. Can everyone just accept it was Rooney rule all along?
  5. I saw it in real time too. It's not professional and further proof its rigged.
  6. Jacksonville only had a handful of pass interference calls all year. The first major PI call before halftime that lead to the TD wasn't PI, for one, and the ball wasn't close to the play either and no one talks about that. It's rigged AF. Sorry.
  7. Voth thinks Wilks is gone

    This is why you don't listen to Voth.
  8. The League wanted Brees vs Brady so bad that it literally took a miracle to change their storyline. There was nothing to overturn, no flags to throw without putting the refs in danger in Minnesota last week. Fast forward a week and a Nick Foles led Eagles team completely dominates a game no one had interest in. We would have stomped the Vikings and Eagles. The AFC is the biggest joke in the world. Go back to August and if someone told you they saw the future and the Patriots would win LII by beating the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars, two AFC South teams, and a Nick Foles led Eagles team, you probably wouldn't watch. I hate New Orleans. This is the biggest gift the Patriots have gotten. I mean christ the referees were celebrating in the huddle with the Chowdah Cheetahs. poo baseball is becoming more and more inviting. Somebody told me they'd rather see Brahn Strowman tip over an ambulance than Brady come back in two minutes since its on the same level as being rigged. This Super Bowl will be a blow out a la the 80s. I hope this is the lowest rated Super Bowl ever because a change needs to happen. Yesterday was the chance for the league to make things entertaining again, and they just handed Brady a championship on a Silver platter. Next year they'll probably beat an 8-8 Browns team, 8-8 Titans team, and then beat the Lions in the Super Bowl. This league is a fuging joke.
  9. What a disappointing weekend and goes for the disappointment of what this season was. The road is paved for Brady. The refs completely showed themselves in that game, and then the Vikings don't show up? That was supposed to be a great game and the Eagles aren't that good. If it wasn't for Peyton's Vicodin, we'd be going to the Super Bowl.
  10. They have to sell jerseys. won't happen.
  11. Tomlin's a shitty coach and sadly this is still Cowher's team. fug the Steelers. Six free wins every year and a primetime game 4/5 weeks. fug the Steelers. I hope they choke.
  12. Nobody has talked about what's out there and with Davis retiring and uncertainty of which hit Luke takes or gives that knocks him out, do we look LB when no one else is talking about it?
  13. But in all honesty if Chubb is there, i'd be alright with that. Would be only case. We need too many other spots since we're getting old.
  14. Hurney trades all picks to cleveland, grabs two running backs in first round. Resigns DWill. Superb Owl.