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  1. I'm at least getting a few laughs at how little effort is being put into most of these plays.
  2. I'm glad they are saying he doesn't need surgery now. I'm just concerned that they used "substantial" to describe the damage they found. Sounds like there could be a potential ticking time bomb situation. Hopefully I'm over-reacting. I also hope they don't change their mind in March and decide then that he DOES need surgery.
  3. I know there's a thread about the concussion finding, but I thought this might warrant its own thread: In the NFL investigation on whether the Panthers followed concussion protocol after the hit to the eye that Cam took, an interesting nugget was buried. The reason Cam awkwardly fell to the ground was because he could not bend his knee. From the NFL.com article: I had not heard about a knee injury before. I saw tweets indicating be does not need surgery but I don't love the "substantial" descriptor.
  4. On the plus side, Broncos got humiliated two years ago and came back this year and dominated. See you guys in SB 52, bitches!
  5. This is true, actually. Not just your perception.
  6. I'm just saying I had a great time this season and I'm not going to let one game spoil that. The Panthers gave me a lot of happy moments this year. Tonight doesn't negate that.
  7. You know what, the team did not play well tonight, but I'm still proud of them and I'm still proud of the season. 2015 and 2016 (thus far) were atrocious years for me. The Panthers games each week were highlights and gave me more happy moments than anything save my daughter. I'm not going to let this game get me down. It was a great season. Keep Pounding.
  8. This has just become painful.
  9. Wow that halftime show was boring.
  10. For the first time in forever I haven't watched a second of the commercials during the Super Bowl.
  11. We're screwed. Mike Carey said to reverse the call.