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  1. If you watch the final play...

    Falcons lose in the most painful way possible last year. Saints lose in the most painful way possible this year. Ahh. So satisfying.
  2. Falcons choke against Foles PIE thread

    HA HA HA Falcons suck.
  3. I'm a bit skeptical with only Steve Reed reporting it. I don't recall Steve Reed being the first to tweet out any sort of news and he is usually at least a few hours behind everyone else.
  4. L-M-A-O

  5. I'm nine months pregnant and almost went into labor.
  6. This is by far the most important factor. As long at the local government continues to show a willingness to help finance the stadium, the team won't go anywhere.
  7. Falcons vs Seahawks Monday Night Thread

    What in the world is the upside of that fake? There were 4 seconds left. The best you could hope for is to confuse them enough that you break through and get the long touchdown which is almost certainly not going to happen in any situation that's not Madden. Am I missing something?
  8. Kurt Coleman Fined

    Wonder if TD's tweet about Freeman being concussed in our game caused the league to go back to look at the hits he took? (If so, that's stupid. Do your job right the first time, NFL)
  9. It's not just Charlie Casserly. PFT has been questioning it and they quoted Chris Simms who apparently called it unethical. (I especially like this gem from PFT): I get why the Vikings are not on board with this but to call Greg unethical is asinine.
  10. Martellus Bennet just got released

    He was claimed off waivers by the Patriots. Of course.
  11. Wild Sunday

    He's not. That's what I read too. He also missed some team meetings and a treatment.
  12. Crowd size yesterday.....

    I was there and thought the crowd was good. Most stayed to the very end of the game too. It was absolutely perfect football weather though.
  13. I didn't see it in here so just wanted to mention that he injured the opposite knee than the one that was injured in college.
  14. Bersin is back! (Not a joke)

    I don't dislike Bersin and would have been fine if he was on the original 53. But you really cannot deny that it is a huge downgrade to go from Benji to Bersin.