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  1. Surgery on his shoulder
  2. Asurfaholic

    NFL Top 100

    Same goes for your opinion. nobody claimed otherwise. It’s an off-season peer ranking of players. The entire nfl could fit into your statement. Part of the bread and circuses to keep Americans distracted from being brainwashed and violated at every turn? does anything matter?
  3. Asurfaholic

    The Norv difference

    He’s gonna do great on the practice squad.
  4. Asurfaholic

    If our offence played our defence tomorrow...

    I want to pie this but all I have is a purple zucchini thingy
  5. Asurfaholic

    "Why would I care?"

    I see his point. They aren’t some sort of training program for the nf- they are a college sports team trying to win games. If they develop great college players who excel in their system, and win games- they win. If they spend their time monkeying around trying to pick and chose winners, and develop them for some unknown nfl team’s system, they are almost guaranteed to lose.
  6. All your RB are belong to us
  7. I love politics. I don’t believe in the left vs right red vs blue illusion, but it’s insiders vs the rest of us. But I think people are seriously kidding themselves when they believe these NFL players are doing this to “stand up for what they believe in.” They are not. They are using the cameras and a moment that is intended to show honor of sacrifice to create a distraction and make it about themselves. face it- the drama created became the story line during the anthem. It was all about who is going to stand or sit. Meanwhile the real issues are ignored- failed drug war, rampant government spending that steals from the poor, robs the middle class, and growing police state that oppresses everyone, not just blacks. Endless war against nobody in particular which is robbing freedom, destroying lives, enriching the special interests and banks who profit from the wars. Ignores black on black crime which is far far more a problem than any claim of racial injustice. So they ignore the problems, create drama under a shallow pretext of standing up against racism, and then wonder why no team wants them? How about just play football when that’s your job? When I’m running my business, I don’t walk into people’s homes trying to preach my own views to them. My message to Kaepernick and Reid - you got what you wanted - attention- except not the attention you wanted. See ya, enjoy flipping burgers.
  8. I wouldn’t know about madden. It’s not available on the only gaming system worth a damn.... pc
  9. Better to have an elite OL than a single elite WR. A decent OL and a group of #2 and 3 receivers plus a power back that can bulldoze in short yard situations is what I feel is all your offense truly needs other than a top 10 qb. Have a OC who doesn’t have spaghetti for brains helps too.
  10. He’s pushing for a raise. He’s relatively underpaid. Sounds like the falcons are prepared to do it for him, and he has their blessings for skipping OTAs anyways. He’s training, but elsewhere. biggest non issue of all the non issues right now. hope the falcons end up overpaying him.
  11. I’m ok with subjective penalties, but only if they are reviewable. Game changing penalties should always be reviewable. Otherwise the refs have too much power to effect the outcome of the game.
  12. Asurfaholic

    OT -headed to Charlotte tomorrow

    I spend all day running a business and being serious and calculated. Cut a break already for someone to let loose a little on a Internet forum.
  13. Asurfaholic

    OT -headed to Charlotte tomorrow

    Spank it in your hotel room all day. That’s what I would do, why not?
  14. Great even more reasons for the NFL to rig games (I’m all for freedom. No victim no crime)