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  1. That was in response to the allegation by one forum member that he “knows” JR is racist, because he bans cornrows. Its not racist, and he knows it. Plenty of places regulate dress code and appearances. These are football players making millions and millions to be on TV in the entertainment division. JR is the owner of the team and has certain rules in place regarding conduct, appearance, etc. just because you don’t agree with a person’s policies doesn’t give you basis to claim racism.
  2. I think the evidence of history is overwhelming in his favor that he is a good man. One allegation could be nothing more than a disgruntled employee or a misunderstanding, or a rare poor decision on how to handle an issue. i agree, without facts we are here just speculating away, which is what happens when media smears someone’s name and provides no details.
  3. Is banning saggy pants also racist? Because most people I know associate people who walk with their pants around their ankles with thuggery. maybe JR just wants to project the most professional looking team he can. It’s his team, can’t he regulate appearances?
  4. In today’s hypersensitive PC world, where SJW’s get their panties in a bunch rather quickly, I am absolutely giving the benefit of a doubt. In today’s world where the power of the internet and media exposure can permanently destroy one’s reputation without even revealing the actual truthful facts in a case, I will absolutely give the man the benefit of a doubt. With the current climate of butt hurt liberals who dream of a fully socialist Amerika, and as such, they hate self made white males who succeed in business, I will ABSOLUTELY give Me Richardson the benefit of a doubt. even if there turns out to be some sort of a incident similar to the Cam Newton laughter at women questions about route running, and someone’s feelings got hurt because their special class wasn’t “tolerated” whole heartedly enough, I will fully support Mr Richardson.
  5. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    You are asking me if I’m 12? I told a guy to shut up with his PC bull and he responded by calling me a redneck cousin banger and yet I’m the 12 year old? What, are you insulted that your mom is too fat for my liking?
  6. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Nope. With your mom at the moment.
  7. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Don’t be such a PC crybaby. theres a lot wrong with the world, but using memes on the internet is not one of them.
  8. My personal opinion is that power ranking should more closely reflect the actual head-to-head matchup results. Panthers beat several of the teams ranked ahead of it on the rankings. I’m not saying we should be number one or two but number eight seems to be a little low. My vote was number four spot. We just defeated a ten and two team
  9. The problem with your logic here is that the dashboard is already lit up so the problem has occurred and is still a problem until it gets fixed. It’s not a hypothetical, it’s time to take it to a repair shop... In comparison, the goal line dunks are the car starting reliably every morning, with no dummy lights on. If you are worried about the car not starting it’s based on a mistrust, whether deserved or not is beside the point, but the question is what action do you take in spite of the mistrust? Your car started again, so you take it to the mechanic to tell him you are scared one day it doesn’t start? No, you drive to work and continue about your business.
  10. Single Seat available for Sunday

    Is this a seat next to you? If so, ...what will will you be wearing?
  11. Your 3 keys to winning tomorrow

    Surprised nobody has mentioned this yet but the main thing is that if we score more points than they do we win. Actually someone did say that, but it's true
  12. I know, spilt milk and all that... but it we should have never let Ted Ginn go. Horrible mistake
  13. Whats unethical if they are playing within the rules? Snowflakes these days...
  14. Kelvin tore his meniscus

    ^ life must suck for that guy. loved KB. Saddened to see him traded but also knew that this is a business. Looking better and better a decision. Why do some people go so far to bash the management of this team when they think things are bad, but nobody credits them for the good things?