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  1. I’m not convinced cmc is a bruiser type of RB. im thinking Artis Payne should be that role with mcaffery providing enough carries to keep defenses guessing. Samuel I can see being used how fozzy or ginn was at times.
  2. Might be just me, And I don’t consider myself to be a football genius by any standard, but the catch rule seems pretty clear and fair to me. i think most of the outrage this past year over that rule was from certain announcers and players with their panties all in a wad because their favorite player or team missed an opportunity, and they needed something to lash out against. I don’t recall seeing any catch or non catch that was called that really stood out as being incorrect. someone juggles the ball out of the end zone it should not be a TD...
  3. Ebron has our offer

  4. Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I don’t think this is the answer as I don’t use fedbook and have no apps, still having the problem..... until.... I bought the “Purify” app from the App Store. $1.99 and the problem is gone. My other adblocker wasn’t strong enough, this one takes care of it.
  5. Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I understand that chrome is the fix but I don’t understand why the issue on safari can’t be fixed. Not throwing shade, but personally all my bookmarks are in safari, and I’m used to using it, navigation is easier for me. And id like to not have to switch browsers just for CH. Just my 2 cents, appreciate having CH for all the news and opinions offered here.
  6. This offseason is off the charts

    Well it’s no wonder there’s so much extra traffic. You get the free amazon gift cards every time you click a new page here lately. (Chrome does fix the problem btw)
  7. Gotta say. I love some tight ends, maybe not as much as Aladdin boy, but this does get me wet.
  8. Report Mobile Redirects Here

    http://giftsofanxiety.top/us_amazon_amazon500/index.html?voluumdata=deprecated&eda=deprecated&cep=0zhBgK4XdYVH-ltZBiqzMOAQWl1ZHzLnVjy53_wQLD68ZETLb5Enxs2bdZzJVYmGIq9kHSVXZvbQ8cxAGMe2Npn0VGmVJ3LdTw6E0F5f4PgDKiUEWwuzqzQJsWXB1xg-oDMoJ9VbtM8L5Yolx0iBG0AjvZkFZ0LS3UalhDB8p5vp9Jphq-L8SvTjpFbZQy8pL_7cS0IGWS5GDB_77dxj9oj4erJ5ihRdCQCmzAESkt0G0LGXqe0FPx9us0Ty-i-e68tJ8ZOhDwED99BFB4D19bn1tyqV1a3zA82u_c7wuL8&siteid=MTUyMTAyMjY3OF8yMzYwMjE4NF8xNzQ0NTg3OTY&sitedomain={sitedomain} this is started back up again after stopping for a bit yesterday. iphone safari, latest version
  9. Hurney Is Killing It SoFar!!!

    I’m still pretty sad to see Norwell gone. He played like a madman and completely earned every penny he’s going to make now. I just wish that the front office had seen his potential sooner and extended him before he went all pro. clearly that’s not on Hurney, BUT it’s relevant because I hope that we don’t make that mistake again. I get a sickening feeling seeing players develop here, then leave for their prime years.
  10. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    And boom. His brain just got scrambled like the eggs i had this morning
  11. Big GM news for another team

    Rooney rule is racist and anti freedom. people should interview and hire who they want with no consideration of skin color. Anything less is racism at its core and does nothing.
  12. Every time I see this thread title I get a tingle in my pants. I would go hard after Norwell too.. Our OL is absolutely vital and key to our success.
  13. fug the NFL, We Should Be In LII

    Why blame the league? teams have to win to advance. Nothing is scripted. Pit of misery must be being hard on you. Have some positivity and stop sulking like a spoiled teen.
  14. I can’t keep up with all the gossip. All you people saying he sucks, yadda yadda, but what reasons do you have to support that? What are the measurable marks that he is not hitting? How are you sure he is the one to blame for anything?
  15. If Each NFL Franchise was a Stock...

    Well that, and he got caught making jean jokes and being white.