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  1. Don't blame Shula

    I don't really have a problem with that play. Cam just missed his mark but I think it was clever. my bigger issue was the end zone shots with 3+ minutes remaining from midfield ish when the short passes were working. Had plenty of time to march down and take the lead. Should have never been in that 4th down situation to begin with.
  2. i just need some dancing girls and I'll be happy again. Im not defending these lame fug ass coaches anymore. Trash. Some of you pessimistic huddlers were right all along and I was wrong
  3. We had them.

    No we didn't have it. Not with Shula up there calling plays. Game was lost from the get go.
  4. I've been hard on people critical of panthers coaches and whatnot these past few weeks. Fug that. fug these decisions makers. 3 min left on the clock we need a slow methodical game winning drive. This isn't Hail Mary territory by any stretch of imagination.
  5. Romo Gives Luke High Praise

    And then the panthers broke his fuggin collarbone.
  6. Watching a Panthers Game - in GIF form

    Well, that's for normal people. if you are the huddle, replace all 4 quarters with
  7. one of the two provided in depth video analysis to back up their claim, and one provides regular meltdowns when the coaches don't do what they think they should do. It's easy...
  8. Rivera on blowing leads

    Yes because I can tell that the players are playing like they aren't trusted to make plays.
  9. Rivera on blowing leads

    Again, I agree. and the coaching staff has said as much too. My issue is the constant negativity by certain posters, even when things are going well, and poised to get better. seems so trivial given the fact the team plays amazing ball and is up far enough ahead that we can play so softly (like it or not) and still come out with the W
  10. Rivera on blowing leads

    I get it, I mean, its infuriating that there's not at least a little more variation in 1st down plays. As you mentioned there only seems to be one first down and 10 play on the books. and I don't disagree with you on anything. My point was that even Ron seems to acknowledge things could have been better and while I find that satisfactory, others are still bashing him for it, despite top tier performance from the team the last 2 games especially, but even overall- 4-1 and against some strong teams.
  11. Rivera on blowing leads

    It's a relatively safe way to kill time while leading. Imagine cam throwing an interception instead of a run up the gut for -1 yard. Much worse indeed. You don't need homeruns when leading by 3 scores going into the 4th quarter. You need to protect the ball and run the clock off.
  12. CMC

    You know what strikes me the most about this stat, is that the numbers he put up were basic grind plays, and no real homeruns. once he gets a few homeruns to go with it he will have far and away better numbers.