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  1. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    Last pic reminds me of Draymond and Kevin..
  2. NFC Playoff Picture Through Week

    They Went In Overtime With The Browns
  3. Official Panthers at Saints Gameday Thread...

    No offsides on the Saints..are you f*cking kidding me!!!
  4. Official Panthers at Saints Gameday Thread...

    There is not a game yet that I don't have to use this gif..
  5. Remember we came close to beating those eagle bums in the last minute when we played them and Cam wasn't 100% even then.. We about to run the gauntlet..
  6. Lets go to work..
  7. Saints Lose Pie

    cool stat.. Last time Cam did a flip into the end zone in a season game, the Panthers went to the Superbowl oh and f*ck the Saints..

    I'll be the 1st to say I was wrong about trading KB.. oh and the NFC South should know that we look like that 2015 team..
  9. Well yall I'm out..I'm going to be over here killing my liver.. dumbest decision EVER!!
  10. Oh Lord..the Great White Hope has return.. Brenton M*fing Bersin..
  11. we also went to the Superbowl with Mike Remmers who was complete trash.. the front office f*cked up..