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  1. It's Official. Hurney is the GM

    LOL..Marty Hurney today to Panther Fans..
  2. he also unfollowed the Panthers..
  3. A collection of tweets from Carolina Panthers Fans.. Please add as you find them..
  4. When you petty as F*ck because the Saints lost and know it!
  5. Every Panther Fan right now..
  6. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    See guys...this is what happens when you dont have that home cooking going for you...
  7. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    It looks like the Saints didnt bring the refs with them.. Yeah I'm still salty that we were robbed..
  8. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    Ron Rivera said he woke up at 3am this morning and decided to fire Mike Shula..
  9. Fire Shula

    F*ck Yeah!!
  10. Fire Shula

    Dont you play with my emotions!!!!!!!
  11. Ron Rivera likely gone with new owner

    Interesting.. Go get Jim Harbaugh.. His scheme would work well with Cam Newton.. From ESPN been a sense that Harbaugh, who was 44-19-1 with one Super Bowl appearance in four seasons as coach of the 49ers from 2011-14, would like to try the NFL again. Should he make himself available, he'd be very intriguing to more than one team. AP Photo/Winslow Townson
  12. Brenton Bersin