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  1. bunch of jersey meatballs get mad at anything that isn't a flashy signing, just like the redneck meatball panther fans on here. News at 11.
  2. Hurney taking a dump on the cap again for average talent not even two years after G-man finally finished cleaning up his previous mess, smh
  3. This is addition by subtraction for the Seahawks. I could envision a loud mouthed past his prime malcontent like Bennet completely tanking their chemistry from last year.
  4. Daryl Williams

    Hurney will draft a mid to late round replacement for the position to go along with all the other great players he drafted outside the 1st round? Hear that sound? It's Gettleman laughing from MetLife stadium.
  5. Jesus christmas, what does it take to get banned around here?
  6. Love everything about this. He's the kind of sharp mind that would see througb a charlatan like Hurney in a second. Bring as much of that no nonsense workman's Steelers culture as possible, and get rid of this southern good 'ol boy mom and pop shop mickey mouse sentimentality poo ASAP. JR cultivated that crap the last two decades and its festered way too long.
  7. DA had as many wins in Gettleman's 2nd season than Hurney's entire team had in 2010. I'll say this: Gettleman isn't about to have any two win seasons with the Giants, that's for damn sure.
  8. Bullshit. By the time Gettleman was on board, we were winning multiple games with DA starting ffs.
  9. Don Imus for head coach Howard Stern for team president.
  10. How many 2-14 records did we have under their tenures? Quote me next time the Giants hire a radio host to a top level position.
  11. Why don't you fanboys still azzhurt over smitty and mean 'ol "gettledouche" go eff off and shave JR's legs?
  12. Gettleman is laughing his ass off right now in NY. Like seeing your ex balloon up 100lbs.
  13. Don't even care if he's guilty or not. Anything to get this bum out of here is nothing but good news right now. Get him and Richardson the fug out of here as soon as possible and maybe some people can be put in place that actually runs the team like professionals should.
  14. Jealousy turned to Envy

    That eagles team is stacked man, on offense and defense. Ron did pretty well with what we had. Philly had 8 or 9 better starters on offense, and 6 or 7 better ones on defense than us.
  15. How did the Jaguars lose?

    Ah yes this topic again. Tell me, which games have we lost in the last 5 seasons after leading by 10+ in the 4th? I'll wait.