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  1. Camvp

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    You've been outed, tarheels. Either a Shithawks, Taints, or Succs fan. If you're the first one, good luck after losing your defensive core in free agency this year, and if you're one of the pathetic last two teams living in the past, good luck being under our thumb in the division for quite some time in the future.
  2. Camvp

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Broncos have a lot of experience getting their doors blown off in the Superbowl by superior NFC teams, that's for damn sure
  3. Wow just wow. We are blessed to have this nucleus for so many years going forward
  4. This is why McDermott will never get an HC job. This garbage 4th quarter D
  5. We have the worst 4th quarter coaching staff in the NFL
  6. The clock ran 3 minutes before they scored. fuging awful strategy, then
  7. Wouldn't be a game without McDermhead giving up tons of 4th quarter points!!!!
  8. Good poo D, but man Cam has got to get his head on straight. Left 3 points on the field for sure, and if he hits Dickson, 7.
  9. I've been telling you guys all week our defense are fuggin frauds, this has happened EVERYTIME THEY PLAY A GOOD QB
  10. Goooodbye @Kuechly59 see you in march!!!
  11. That's a catch... our D and O gagging hard... AGAIN
  13. What happened to the offense that put up 24 points???
  14. HAHAHAHAH I told you guys our defense is a FRAUD!!!! They have poo the bed 6 or 7 times this year and look on pace again!!!! @Kuechly59 won't be long until they get 21
  15. Limiting players like Fitzgerald is what Norman wants to be paid top dollar for. If we play the Cardinals and he can't contain old man Fitz, he doesn't deserve top money.