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  1. Last season was our best special team performance in years, odd timing indeed. Hope this isn't JR being cheap
  2. Like I said, worst HC opening by a good bit. And don't think that would buy him more time either. Very few coaches survive their first three seasons not making the playoffs, and it's going to be very tough sledding in AZ in that division and the NFC at large. Steve would be better off waiting another year.
  3. This is why i'm rooting for New England. As I said in another thread, 5 or 6 is barely any different for them, while the list of franchises that have never won a SB shrinking while the Panthers are still on it just opens us up to more ridicule. Especially by what has been until now our little expansion brother. New England getting 6 also would piss off Cowboy and Steelers fans, who I like even less.
  4. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    This won't be popular here but I want New England to win. A 6th title for them is only a marginal difference, and I don't want the list of franchises that have never won a SB to shrink while the Panthers are still on it. It's selfish but don't believe for a second that Vikings/Eagles/Jaguars (especially our expansion twin!) won't hesitate to bring it up next time we get into an argument with their fans, now that they finally can hypothetically. Just look at Bucs fans. Besides a 5 year window they are probably the worst historical franchise in the league save only for the new Browns, but cause of that one win 15 years ago, they feel no shame holding it over our heads even when their playoff win drought is so old it can almost star in porn.
  5. That's the most dead end HC vacancy this year by a good bit. He'll be back out on his ass in the not too distant future if he takes that job; they have nothing promising on the horizon.
  6. short answer: No Long answer? Hell no.
  7. 39 years old today. tick tock
  8. This so funny

    Drew Christopher Brees turns thirty nine years old on Monday. NO future
  9. On a serious note, any notable New Orleans cap casualties we're looking at next year? Sadly I think their homerun draft probably keeps them very competitive next year too.
  10. I don't want to read thomas96 or w/e blow smoke up this board's ass about the Eagles winning poo next week. Not gonna happen
  11. bradberry and worley are average to good corners. McDermott got more out of them. Play heavily regressed until wilks
  12. The coordinator who got fired certainly had a better season this year than the one still on the team, honestly.
  13. Huddlers who whine about not spending enough on big name free agent WRs praising a post about the Jags spending money on defense, lol. Not to mention after a game where the Steelers put up 41...
  14. Why the hate on Wilks?

    Hey Steve I hope you're watching. You don't have to blitz every down and you can still make the opposing QB actually look bad. That Saints offense that put up 96 points against your defense in 6 halves has managed a whopping 19 points in three halves this season against Minnesota.
  15. No one wants to point a finger at Wilks spamming the blitz button like a 12 year old playing xbox