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  1. cookinbrak

    This is the worst time of the year

    ....or Greg Hardy as he decimates the Professional Putt Putt circuit!!!
  2. cookinbrak

    CAP vs Barner

    One day last season, or the season before (?), there were more NC State QBs starting than there were UNC players starting.
  3. OK, the one time I did throw a ho on a bedful of guns, I was on bath salts and Billy Ray Cyrus music. And they were Nerf guns.
  4. So, he gave up his illustrious D3 Arena career?
  5. cookinbrak

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Sometimes, you find stuff that you never even imagined could have been. This is one of them.
  6. cookinbrak

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

  7. cookinbrak


    Damn. I don't agree with her about the notes, but that was her decision.
  8. cookinbrak

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Don't know the circumstances, but if the poo gets too deep, walk away. Live to fight another day. Dave Chapelle did it, he's still here.
  9. cookinbrak

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    "I might retire...." "Hang on, let us try to trade you first." "OK, cool...."
  10. cookinbrak

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    If it saves one little kids life, then it worked. Rather have a precautionary measure than have people unprepared. They had nuclear bomb protocol in schools in the 50's. Better safe than sorry.
  11. cookinbrak

    Obstructed View Seating

    They're actually easier to get in and out of, don't have to do the "scuse me" shuffle all the way to your seat.
  12. I work at an "assisted/independant living" facility. And it's not cheap, rent goes from $3500 to $6000 a month. Eveybody there is a retired engineer, banker, or (oddly enough) teacher. There's one guy who has certifications and commendations from NASA for the space program from the '70's. A lot of Obama and Hillary bumper stickers.
  13. cookinbrak

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I use uBlock. It works quite well.
  14. No, there's no justification for it, especially since there were several cops there. And never if it's a woman.