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  1. Ron Rivera trying a new sport

    It involves a lot of skill and strategy to place the stones where the other team can't make a play. Closet stone to the center wins a point. If you get 2 stones closer, you get 2 points. Sweeping the ice causes friction and melts the ice, causing the stone to slide longer.
  2. You forgot to put "CONFIRMED" on there.
  3. Jesus FTW

    Satan got some scrawny arms.
  4. Bradley Chubb

    Him, Myles Garrett, and a good DEF coach would be scary.
  5. Lost in all this stupidity is they want a draft pick (probably a 2nd) for Landry and his 16 mil price tag. There's no other WR out there we couldn't get for 16 mil AND keep our pick.
  6. So what other sites/apps do (((actively))) you use?

    My current fave is http://www.monsterbreeder.com just for the combinations you can make. Congratulations! You've successfully bred the WOLF MAN and the MOTHMAN together. Their child is a beautiful BARN HOWL!
  7. All these ignorant clickbait threads should be reason for a ban. So goddamn stupid around here these days. Wait, I forgot the rules. "CONFIRMED- SOURCES SAY THIS IS A STUPID CLICKBAIT THREAD, WITH NO BASIS IN FACT"
  8. So.....

    And a few million dollars.
  9. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    The irony of a discussion over freedom of speech.
  10. Women's hockey

    GOLD, BABY!!!! Now I get to sleep for 3 and a half hours before work.
  11. 1- Ban all assault weapons. They're not for hunting, nor personal protection. They're for shooting someone rapidly far away. 2- Law enforcement must attend any gun show, and run a check on anyone who enters. And no one from out of state or without valid id can attend. 3- Any private gun transactions have to take place at a police station or sheriffs office. 4- Any crime committed using a gun or stealing a gun is immediately 10 years, plus whatever the sentence is.
  12. You're supposed to preface it by saying "Sources report" or "Confirmed".
  13. Oscar Nominations

    Once I figured out what Dunkirk was about, it only made it stupider. So, the bad guys will shoot this thing full of soldiers, but not this thing? And when the magical refueling plane runs out, why not turn around and do what the other guy did?
  14. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Ok, other than a tweet from somebody that doesn't show up on a Google search, where is this coming from? Is this speculation from some nobody?