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  1. Used car price haggling question

    Go in and say you have 17,000. Take it or leave it.
  2. Scrambled Eggs

    Here, this helps a lot to change it up a bit. https://www.carbsmart.com/10-healthy-high-fat-foods-perfect-for-nutritional-ketosis.html And these will change your outlook. If you like pancakes and sausage. I add cinnamon and use no syrup. https://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2012/01/cream-cheese-pancakes.html
  3. If I (or anyone else here, truth be told) had one chance to predict the future accurately, I'd use that on a 400 million dollar lottery prize and not a second round draft pick.
  4. Homecoming Party

    Looks more like an AC/DC logo.
  5. Inhumans

    I like the Gifted better.
  6. He wasn't fired, he opted out of his contract. He quit. And since he's no longer in the NFL, he can't sue anybody for collusion.
  7. Duck eggs

    Bet they'd make a good fritatta.
  8. He broke 2 noses because he was a coward bully punk who liked to sucker punch people.
  9. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

    Oh, the irony of the thread title. "LOOK AT THIS!!" "OR THIS!!" And who posted. Journalist integrity at it's finest.
  10. College Football General Discussion

    And......Cal beats the sheet out of #8 Washington State. No one is safe.....
  11. Clemson

    They won last year with one loss. And Syracuse ain't bad, they hung with State.
  12. Weird tinder date

    'Cause she thought you were a cop, right? Right?
  13. 4-2

    I said "if" we go 2-2, we could easily go 3-1 or 4-0. TB on the road might be tougher than ATL at our house.