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  1. So what other sites/apps do (((actively))) you use?

    My current fave is http://www.monsterbreeder.com just for the combinations you can make.
  2. All these ignorant clickbait threads should be reason for a ban. So goddamn stupid around here these days. Wait, I forgot the rules. "CONFIRMED- SOURCES SAY THIS IS A STUPID CLICKBAIT THREAD, WITH NO BASIS IN FACT"
  3. So.....

    And a few million dollars.
  4. Inmates who clapped for cop-killer may face reprisals

    The irony of a discussion over freedom of speech.
  5. Women's hockey

    4:00am, I'm drunk, watching USA Womens hockey. They don't suck, but they are undisciplined.
  6. Women's hockey

    GOLD, BABY!!!! Now I get to sleep for 3 and a half hours before work.
  7. 1- Ban all assault weapons. They're not for hunting, nor personal protection. They're for shooting someone rapidly far away. 2- Law enforcement must attend any gun show, and run a check on anyone who enters. And no one from out of state or without valid id can attend. 3- Any private gun transactions have to take place at a police station or sheriffs office. 4- Any crime committed using a gun or stealing a gun is immediately 10 years, plus whatever the sentence is.
  8. You're supposed to preface it by saying "Sources report" or "Confirmed".
  9. Oscar Nominations

    Once I figured out what Dunkirk was about, it only made it stupider. So, the bad guys will shoot this thing full of soldiers, but not this thing? And when the magical refueling plane runs out, why not turn around and do what the other guy did?
  10. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Ok, other than a tweet from somebody that doesn't show up on a Google search, where is this coming from? Is this speculation from some nobody?
  11. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Christian McCaffrey. 1,086 yards.
  12. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Every time I see this, I ask for an explanation. How come when Cam can't get a pass off, it's the line not doing their job. But if a RB doesn't pick up 7 yards a carry, it has nothing to do with the line?
  13. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Can't find anything else on the WWW about it. Including the OP. Just some random nobody.
  14. Things that trump says

    I believe you mean "Shame on the DNC for letting this happen".
  15. Ladies and gentlemen, let's flip the Joe Person coin..... Heads, he's a mental midget who couldn't add 2 + 2 three times and come up with the same number twice. Tails, he's a competent newswriter that has his finger on the Panthers pulse, with lots of in-depth analysis. Just kidding, of course it's a two-headed coin.
  16. You never watched him play.....he'd start over anybody not named Luke.
  17. Women's hockey

    US should have tied that game at the end. Don't know how she missed that puck.
  18. Bills take another Panther staffer

    Trying to make trades along the way.....
  19. Y'all realize it will probably only be Rd 1, right?
  20. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    WIC vouchers can only be used on certain things, is this punishment for people with babies? Reading this thread tells me that there are people here who don't have kids, and never go to the grocery store.
  21. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    Like a farmers market that takes SNAP cards. But money spent there would be taken at a reduced rate, like 50%, give folks an incentive to buy healthier stuff. Farmer takes his sales reciepts in once a month, government matches his sales so he doesn't lose money.
  22. Weren't they gonna can Richardson, too?
  23. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    I was going to say that- the fact that the boxes are delivered is a blessing to folks that don't have transportation. Maybe get by with 2 trips to the grocery store a month. As far as the mom who has to work the next 2 nights- 16 oz pack of ham ($2.42), pack of sandwich cheese ($1.69), loaf of bread (.89), couple of cans of chicken noodle or tomato soup (.89), 1/2 gallon of juice ($1.50) = $8.45, so buy a cheap pack of cookies for dessert. Or a salad kit.
  24. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Like a bunch of jilted ho's up in here.......
  25. Dude. The longer this takes, the better. Patience is a virtue.