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  1. https://youtu.be/GuXyDYT_xO8
  2. Panthers make major roster moves

    That sucks. I like Scoot.
  3. I want him to play so we don't hear " If Rodgers had played, yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah ".
  4. Give the other team extra time outs? If they're in a victory formation, they should make the defense back up 5 yards.
  5. Saints, Rams, And Vikings all lost this week, and the Eagles lost their Qb. We won. Nothing is out the window yet.
  6. The Walking Dead season 8

    Would have been much better if _______had actually died saving somebody else.
  7. Panthers - Vikings Postgame Notes

    Pep should be credited with 2 sacks. One play Keenum was down, but got up and moved 2 more yards forward, Pep wasn't credited with a sack.
  8. Notice how carefully they hide the pointiness of the elbows from the camera.....
  9. Are you high? Whatever you are ingesting, you need to stop. Wilkes is a product, not a solution. Que up the "McDermott is gonna make an impression" music. Luke runs our defense. Nobody else. Stupid people piss me off.
  10. If the DNC hadn't thought that everybody in America was ignorant, Trump wouldn't have won. But don't tell them that.
  11. Footage of police shooting of Daniel Shaver made public

    Now that the footage is public, the lawyers should demand a retrial.
  12. Why didn't we draft this guy?

    Yeah, he had, like, 84 touchdowns against us. Wait, no, he didn't. He didn't do squat.
  13. You remember that time that Thomas Davis' wife said the offense weren't doing their job....?
  14. Steelers at the End of the 1st Half

    You still try.
  15. Atlanta plays NO twice. They win both, it helps us. They lose borh, it helps us. They split, it helps us. We have to help ourselves first.
  16. Gameday Menu

    Had rotisserie chicken from Sams last night, gonna use the leftovers to make chicken and pastry.
  17. Classy....

    If they don't provide security, the NFL will take them off the list of approved hotels, and Marriot will pull their flag. I worked at a Hampton, and Hilton almost pulled ours.
  18. The Walking Dead season 8

    OK, TWD is on the East Coast. Fear is on the West Coast. Nobody's walking that far.
  19. Trump now tweeting out racist Muslim videos

    Actually, (once again) you need to thank the DNC. They are the reason Trump won.
  20. Still has more championships than Steve Smith......
  21. Something to watch for against NO

    You wanna neutralize Brees? He has a reset button on his ass, just keep hitting it.
  22. On that play....his second foot didn't hit inbounds before his shoulder hit out of bounds.
  23. He'll only play 50% of the snaps. The offensive plays.