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  1. AHS- Cult

    Starts tonight.
  2. Homecoming Party

    Looks more like an AC/DC logo.
  3. Inhumans

    I like the Gifted better.
  4. He wasn't fired, he opted out of his contract. He quit. And since he's no longer in the NFL, he can't sue anybody for collusion.
  5. Duck eggs

    Bet they'd make a good fritatta.
  6. He broke 2 noses because he was a coward bully punk who liked to sucker punch people.
  7. Hypocrisy and ignorance on full display

    Oh, the irony of the thread title. "LOOK AT THIS!!" "OR THIS!!" And who posted. Journalist integrity at it's finest.
  8. College Football General Discussion

    And......Cal beats the sheet out of #8 Washington State. No one is safe.....
  9. Clemson

    They won last year with one loss. And Syracuse ain't bad, they hung with State.
  10. Weird tinder date

    'Cause she thought you were a cop, right? Right?
  11. 4-2

    We're 4-2. If we go 2-2 into the bye, we're 6-4 with Olsen back. We good.
  12. 4-2

    I said "if" we go 2-2, we could easily go 3-1 or 4-0. TB on the road might be tougher than ATL at our house.
  13. CMC runs out of bounds with 2:24 or so left, but the ref says run the clock. He wasn't tackled or even hit. Cam dives for a 1st down at the 2:00 warning. Cost us 20 seconds or so.
  14. Gameday Menu

    George's Special Sauce is the shiznit.
  15. Gameday Menu

    Low carb nachos, pork rinds instead of tortilla chips.
  16. My mom is 82 and has a Cam jersey.
  17. Tickets for TNF

    I just did this.... https://charlotte.craigslist.org/d/tickets/search/tia
  18. Who TF is B. Nenaber????

    I would think coaches and trainers do.
  19. Yeah, when it's 1st and 10 and the other team holds hands and says "Red Rover, Red Rover, send Stewie right over", your offense might be a tad predictable.
  20. Parking - South Gate

    A night game against the Eagles....stick with what you and your family are familiar with.
  21. Netflix Recommendation - Gerald's Game

    Dark Tower never had a chance. It's impossible to take a book (or books) that engrosses you for days of reading and condense it to an hour and a half movie. Maybe a mini-series on Netflix or Hulu. On an aside....The 2 best books I ever read were not King. Dean R Koontz Watchers and Graham Masterson Charnel House. Both were made into crappy movies.
  22. That was horrible for Detroit. 4th and inches, gonna make a statement, Pep knifes in for a 3 yard loss.
  23. Carolina Top Receivers

    I'm down. But, if you need a name, FunFun is coming up.