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  1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    I've beaten FF7 more times than I can count, so trust me, I'm not "misremembering" anything. I'm of the opinion that it's not a linear game. I never said the article stated it was going to be on rails; just simply expressing hope that it won't be. I've played the demo of Final Fantasy 15,and I really like it, so if it's anything close to that I'll be happy. My main issue is with it being episodic. I'd rather just wait longer and play the game all at once. 
  2. Sweet. Sounds like you're one of the "Good Ol' Boys".
  3. Does it come with a bunch of horses?
  4. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    Which is true, but I'm free to roam the areas available to me based on what vehicles I have in the overworld. You can't do that in XIII, which is one of the many reasons it sucked; it was completely linear. I don't want the re-make to be like that. I want a world map, or something similar to XV. 
  5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

      To me, an open world is one that I am free to roam, which you can do in FF7 original. Once you leave Midgar you can walk all over the map.
  6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

    I read an article yesterday that stated it would not be an open world game. If it's an on rails experience like XII, I don't know if I even want to bother with it. They're changing too much.
  7. Tickets gone already? Dang!

    I must have been one of the first people in, because I didn't wait at all. It took me straight to the page with my ticket. It's now how fast these went.
  8. Playoff ticket thread.... GOOD LUCK to all

    section 515 row 1 seat 19.
  9. Quote from Roddy White about Panthers D

    I love it. Keep running your mouth Roddy. Fuel that fire.
  10. I'm sure he would want too much money.
  11. scott weiland dead?

      Ironic song title not intended.
  12. Official ACC Championship Game Thread

    How come nobody is talking about this missed targeting call?
  13. Official ACC Championship Game Thread

    Clemson fan here. That was a horrible call. Plain and simple.  I hate that it happened, because a bunch of jackwagons are going to act like that call single handedly determined the outcome of the game, when really, it didn't. We made more mistakes in one game than I have ever seen before, and at one point in the 4th quarter we were still 3 scores up in spite of that fact. UNC would have had to march down the field, score a touchdown, and a two point conversion to TIE the game. I dont see that happening.  That call didn't cost you the game. If you had played better, and handled your business, it wouldn't have even come to that. The game was only close because we kept getting in our own way. Anybody with a pair of eyes could tell we're the better team. We outplayed you. We won. End of story. 13-0 baby. 
  14. scott weiland dead?

    I'm not surprised in the least, but still sucks to hear. Huge fan of their music growing up. RIP.