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  1. Lmao there is no downside. I am so fuging elated.
  3. Amini tears ACL

    This is why I'm actually really surprised.
  5. CAMVP

  6. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    That's fresh as fug
  7. We're only 10th in Football Outsiders' Offensive DVOA by the way.  
  8. Camera lens just died.....

    Hope it wasn't expensive... they usually are.
  9. Per a completely unreliable anonymous source on Reddit... but still. Next will be the Panthers and the Cowboys. PANTHERS will feature all blue jerseys pants socks and cleats with blue helmet stripes. Numbers are black along with pants stripe. Cowboys feature all white jerseys pants socks and cleats, as well as white helmet decals and facemask, with silver numbers and COWBOYS going down the pants leg in white so as to be barely noticeable. Stay tuned to Thursday Night Final for more color rush news. Gear goes on sale one week before game airs!  
  10.   The Panthers have improved their rating by 116 Elo points (the equivalent of 4.6 points of per-game scoring margin) since the start of the season, and, according to our simulations, they’re on track to win 4.6 more games than was projected before the year. That’s an unusually big jump. But the manner in which Carolina has improved is also unconventional. While the typical big first-half Elo gainer1 does it with a significantly improved passing game, the Panthers’ aerial attack is virtually the same as it was last season — league average, basically, in the eyes of expected points added (EPA).2 Although quarterback Cam Newton gets the headlines for the Panthers’ offense, which has improved its overall EPA by about half a standard deviation since last year, almost all of the change is owed to a more efficient rushing game. (Newton himself is on pace for about the same production in the rushing game as last season.) Of all the teams who improved their Elo as much as the Panthers have, only about 14 percent did so with a passing attack that, like Carolina’s, didn’t improve relative to the league. Generally speaking, to win more games in the NFL, you need to throw the ball more effectively. That is, unless you improve your pass defense — which is exactly what the Panthers have done this year. Using the EPA grades I introduced last week, which rate teams on a scale in which 100 is average and one standard deviation is 15 points, only four defenses have improved more against the pass than Carolina’s has this season:     TLDR: Improved pass defense (Also we weren't as bad as people thought we were last year)
  11. #2 at PFF Tight end Greg Olsen has 11 targets, four receptions, 132 yards, and two touchdowns on deep passes, which all lead NFL tight ends.  
  12. Who will Norman cover?

    Adams and Jones
  13. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Fine. Zeller > Noel  
  14. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Except this is like passing over JJ Watt for Josh Norman
  15. Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll

    fuging absurd. I'm tempted to write a letter to the Hornets but apparently they've already run out of fugs to give.