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  1. Chip Kelly fired

    Greg Schiano 2.0
  2. Muhsin Muhammad. His attitude and approach to the game fits in perfectly with this team and he was a reliable playmaker when given the opportunity.
  3. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    I know you have a dream job but I also can see the extremely hard work and long hours put into it for the fan base to enjoy. Very much respected and appreciated good sir.
  4. Along the Sidelines - Redskins at Panthers

    I still remember the hissy fit that some mouth breathers on this board threw when we took Kony Ealy over Morgan Moses. Hysterical. Great stuff as always. On to Dallas.
  5. What has happened to Benwikere?

    I don't believe Bene is a true slot corner. Last year he was successful as an early down slot/roamer and passing down outside corner with Colin Jones manning the nickel. I think he is kind of adjusting to his new role (Peanut Tillman caused it) and has to gain some comfortability. He is a tremendous athlete and an intelligent guy. He will be fine in the long run.
  6. Other heroes

    Stew gave this offense life. Ran hard and had the stats to show it. Funchess caught the balls that made the difference. Regardless of the drops, the rookie showed up when the chips were down. O-line across the board has done well. Love the big uglies. Of course the always underappreciated Thomas Davis. Key sack, big hits, and set the tempo often. D-line. Good pressure, should have gotten at least 3 more holding calls, made Russell Wilson more unsettled than any group we have had prior. Great team win all around.
  7. Notes and Memos - Seahawks

    Dear Richard Sherman, Your tears taste of the sweetest honey. Signed, All Panther fans P.S. Truth, Greg  Olsen
  8. Notes and Memos - Seahawks

    Dear Marshawn Lynch, Beast-mode my ass. - Luke Kuechly 
  9. Notes and Memos - Seahawks

    Dear Pete Carroll, You can spit me out at anytime, I lost my flavor 2 seasons ago. Sincerely, Your chewing gum
  10. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Seahawks

    Great stuff. It was kind of like porn where I finish halfway through, but instead of closing the video and deleting my history I actually finished it. Kudos sir. Great work.
  11. Final Panthers Cuts

    Marlowe on the team today doesn't mean Marlowe on the team Monday. He is a good PS candidate, but I doubt he is on the 53 come regular season
  12. Final Panthers Cuts

    Troll level: Expert
  13. Final Panthers Cuts

    A. The word 'likely' is key in this tweet B. Your source is Joe Person
  14. Final Panthers Cuts

    Right because trading our best rb would be a brilliant move.
  15. Final Panthers Cuts

    safety from Utah that we transitioned to linebacker. Had some nice moments in preseason.