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  1. They should be interested. And they need to give him a good offer. He is still young, he is a plug and play starter, and instantly makes our offense better.
  2. Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    And traded a 1st round pick to move up and take the great Everette Brown
  3. Eric Ebron signs with Colts

    7.5 million per year is expensive as hell for a backup tight end. Indy can have that.
  4. Tony Gonzalez - 63 Games (4.1 receptions and 48 yards per game) 24 TDs Jason Witten - 63 Games (4 catches and 45 yards per game) 14 TDs Rob Gronkowski - 50 Games (4.5 receptions and 65 yards per game) 42 TDs <---- HOLY COW Kellen Winslow - 39 Games (5.1 receptions and 67 yards per game) 21 TDs Eric Ebron - 56 Games (3.3 receptions, 37 yards per game) 11 TDs In order of impressive seasons through age 24: 1. Rob Gronkowski (Easily the best statistics) 2. Kellen Winslow (Truly revolutionized the position as a weapon) 3. Tony Gonzalez (Might have the best career from start to finish of any tight end ever) 4. Jason Witten (Steady, but also a phenomenal blocker) 5. Eric Ebron (A VERY distant 5th place....) One of these things is not like the others.....
  5. Panthers bringing in O-lineman for visit

    I love bringing in this type of guy. Swing lineman with starting experience? Likely to add solid depth for cheap? About to hit his prime so still has room to improve? Yes please.
  6. What's left at CB

    If EJ Gaines can stay healthy he is tailor-made for our defense
  7. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    The Bengals and Browns constantly rack up compensatory picks. How is that going for them?
  8. I would be calling the Browns about trading Butler for Njoku. They have an abundance of TEs and just traded away Danny Shelton. I'd even throw a pick in there too. With Dickson gone and Olsen contemplating retirement, we are in a bad way for the future. The other team I would call is the Rams to work out a deal for Gerald Everett. They also have an abundance of tight ends.
  9. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/16/greg-olsen-auditioning-for-television-job-with-espn/ According to this article, it isn't something that the team expects to keep him from playing this season. So calm your tits and step away from the edge.
  10. Cheap fast wr that the huddle wanted

    He may have requested the release since he would now be 4th on the depth chart and the 5th or 6th option in the passing game behind Gordon, Coleman, Landry, Njoku, and Duke Johnson out of the backfield.
  11. Free Agency Notes and Speculation

    I know we picked up Breeland but I still want EJ Gaines. He fits this defense perfectly and I have loved his style since he was at Mizzou
  12. Replacement Possibilities

    We need a QB coach that is going to be tough on Cam. Almost Gruden-like. He needs discipline from the waist down and new challenges from the neck up.
  13. Yeah... what a bust.

    Kamara put up 5 more reps on bench, jumped 2 inches higher in the vert, and 10 inches more (wow) in the broad jump than McCaffrey at the combine. It was no secret that CMC needed to add strength and work on short area bursts, but you can't fix that overnight. With this kid's work ethic you can bank on a year 2 jump in production. Which is scary for every team we face next year.
  14. Yeah... what a bust.

    CMC = Reggie Bush If you don't see that as a compliment, you don't know poo CMC has the frame to hold 5 to 10 pounds more of muscle and not lose quickness. This is something Bush did not have. Bush was maxed out in his frame by the time he was drafted. Look for that to be priority in the off-season. If he can learn to power through arm tackles, he will not only be our feature back but he could be in MVP talks. Just saying.