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  1. Shula, first call of the game

    Cam hands off a delayed handoff to Jonathan Stewart. No gain.
  2. Palardy = Game MVP Pretty sad...
  3. Team USA fails to make World Cup

    Soccer, yes soccer, not football, is fuging stupid. Therefore, no one cares.
  4. What's going on with Cam?

    What the hell happened to the minimum post count to start a new thread?
  5. 1. Bill Voth 2. Darin Gantt 3. Steve Reed 4. Jordan Rodrigue 5. Scott Fowler 6. Everyone else in a tie except.. 100. David Newton 1,000,000,000,000^7. Joe Person
  6. Looking at our upcoming schedule

    We will win at least one game out of the NE, PHI, and DET that we won't be favored in. I personally think it will be PHI.
  7. Ryan Kalil - C - Panthers PANTHERS INACTIVES: Panthers declared C Ryan Kalil, RB Cameron Artis-Payne, LB Jeremy Cash, CB LaDarius Gunter, DE Daeshon Hall, QB Brad Kaaya and OT John Theus inactive for Week 3 against the Saints. Kalil (neck) and Cash (calf) were ruled out on Friday. Cam Newton, who had been listed as questionable with ankle and shoulder injuries, is active and starting against the Saints. Source: Steve Reed on Twitter Sep 24 - 11:49 AM
  8. Jaguars run a fake punt up 37-0 for a 58 yard gain. Rivera needs to take notes. Step on the throat of your opponent and don't let up.
  9. Olsen could be out just 6 games

    My guess is it will be closer to 8 to 10 weeks. Feet are tricky. Smaller, weight-bearing bones need to be healed fully to prevent reinjury. Not to mention that he will need time to test it and to feel comfortable running on it. 6 weeks is optimistic.
  10. Every person in the organization that speaks to Joe Person can't stand him. He's a poacher. He tries to lure guys in with loaded questions to give him an angle to make it controversial. He's a scumbag and a terrible reporter. The only thing I don't get is how his employers haven't caught on to that yet.
  11. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    I don't understand the argument for Norwell over Star. Is Norwell a beast? Yes. But Rivera has all but confirmed that the LG position for our offense may be of the least importance. RG is primarily one on one against the 3 tech, so he has to be able to hold up against both speed and power without help. The center in our offense has to be able to quarterback the entire line, be able to pull, get to the 2nd level, and line up head on with a nose tackle. LT is obvious. And since the RG is lining up one on one the majority of the time, the RT is often left on an island or with a TE blocking or RB chipping. The RT has to be able to create movement against a LE in the run game as the LE is often the "base" end in the formation and is responsible for setting an edge. The LG is often a helper. They are responsible for double teams up the middle or to the outside, making combination blocks in the run game, etc. Norwell is very good at what he does, but out of the 5 positions on the line, his is the most expendable. This is why guys like Chris Scott could come in and do well because of the responsibilities of the position. Star, on the other hand, can play both nose and 3-tech and has to be double teamed, if not triple teamed, almost every play because he has freakish strength and ability. At that point it becomes simple math. If 1 of our guys takes up 2 of your guys, one of our guys is left free. Not every DT can demand that kind of attention. Star does. Star should be the one who sees his payday first.
  12. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    This article really should state that the NFL has an offensive tackle crisis. Not offensive line. There are plenty of good guards and centers around the league. The trouble comes from protecting against edge rushers. The more athletic big guys get put on the D-line, not the O-line. Colleges and Pro teams need to think about moving athletic, but underachieving, D-linemen to the offensive line more often if they want the talent pool to get deeper.
  13. Carolina Panthers Injury Report - 9/6

    I think Love will go. We can't go into a game with only 2 DTs, regardless of the flexibility of our DEs. All it would take is one play to get one DT injured and we are screwed. They will see how Love is by Friday and if he can't go, Crume will be brought up. It's the only thing that makes sense.
  14. Ben Boulware To The 49ers

    Well lets not kick a guy while he is down. He has been pretty self aware when it comes to his status as an NFL caliber player. Nice to see him get another shot.