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  1. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    I know you have a dream job but I also can see the extremely hard work and long hours put into it for the fan base to enjoy. Very much respected and appreciated good sir.
  2. Along the Sidelines - Redskins at Panthers

    I still remember the hissy fit that some mouth breathers on this board threw when we took Kony Ealy over Morgan Moses. Hysterical. Great stuff as always. On to Dallas.
  3. What has happened to Benwikere?

    I don't believe Bene is a true slot corner. Last year he was successful as an early down slot/roamer and passing down outside corner with Colin Jones manning the nickel. I think he is kind of adjusting to his new role (Peanut Tillman caused it) and has to gain some comfortability. He is a tremendous athlete and an intelligent guy. He will be fine in the long run.