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  1. Luke Kuechly stops by WCNC-TV to give us our practice schedule/ weather forcast for next week. Also for some reason I'm craving Skittles now http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2612236-luke-kuechly-delivers-the-weather-forecast-at-charlotte-news-station
  2. Cam Newton: Ubermensch Dance Party

    great thread....would Ubermensch again (no clue what I just said)
  3. Players and Coaches Calling each other out.

    I watched the game with a Viking fan. Not only did he love the way the first half unfolded, we both made comments at several points as to how loud it sounded on tv. My heart was filled with joy to hear BOA rocking so loud. *insert 'That's my Roarking Riot' meme* *sniff, sniff* so proud
  4. How Danny Trejo watches the Panthers

    saw this on facebook during the game yesterday......classic
  5. the rest of South Dakota embarrasses me smdh edit: and none of them even knew who the seachickens were before 2012