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  1. I voted also!! I hope they win!!
  2. Torrey sure talks a lot and doesn't seem to be producing on the field!!! He needs to be careful
  3. Butterflyj30

    Ian Thomas - Not just a receiving target

    Ian will be a star!!
  4. This is really sad I hope he gets better
  5. I hope the Bucs are this bad when we play them
  6. Oh no!! I totally forgot about him groping the uber driver
  7. They might have to bring Winston back after this mess
  8. The Panthers should watch the Steelers game plan soo far!! This Bucs team will be tough
  9. Butterflyj30

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    Wow this is really shocking
  10. Butterflyj30

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    New England is getting whooped by the Lions!! They look good hopefully we will play well against them in November