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  1. He said it on his radio show he also said that when Julius was drafted John Fox told the D Line to try to make Pep feel comfortable on the field!! Buck didn't like that!! He was a mess on the radio he talked too much in my opinion
  2. He came out and said that Mike Minter and Mike Rucker weren't the "good guys" that they were portrayed to be in the media!!
  3. I love it!! You have to scam and scammer
  4. Teams without a Super Bowl (updated list)

    I hope we get off the list!! And I always thought the Browns and Bills won years ago
  5. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    He was really terrible last night!! It's very clear he was going for NE
  6. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Congrats to the Eagles!! Now we should win Next Year It's Only Fair
  7. Hornets May Move Monk

    And Monk will go on to have a stellar career just watch smh
  8. Yes this will be us next year I can feel it
  9. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Did anyone see the Panthers highlighted in a commercial just now!!
  10. Should I Quit?

    Don't worry they will get some serious karma when they lose this weekend!!
  11. The Snow Shade LOL

  12. The Snow Shade LOL

    Buffalo replied