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  1. Married life is cool. Just moved into a place near the beach so getting used to that. I haven't been back to SC for a while, it's changed a lot. I think I'm going to head up there for Thanksgiving for some TurkeyBowl action but we'll see. Good spots in SC are Maru sushi, Lite & Healthy Sushi, In N Out obviously, Chi Chi's, The Alamo (really good mexican food). Cam has looked good so far. The future is bright here in Carolina. Would love to see Gettis in this offense, I think he's going to be a monster.

  2. Got the bant stick...feels good to be back. How are things going? Hows the fam?

  3. Some of the stuff you read in posts is pure comedy, I can't resist.

  4. The Fins OC looks to have them ready to compete. If their line is decent, they could make some noise.

  5. The whole thing is pretty stupid

  6. This place isn't fun for me anyway...I can't have an opinion without getting harassed. It used to be good before all the trash came in. Still think I win this bet easily

  7. Sometimes you should just ignore these guys.

  8. You know everything in that post has been said about fuging know it

  9. Couldn't be more relaxed...just was looking for an explanation. You also banned me for fun once because the truth offended other posters.

  10. Oh calm down. I haven't banned you. Just trying to keep the thread moving. Relaxxxxxxx

  11. So I'm allowed to be targeted because I have in the past supported Moore? Does that mean I'm allowed to target KT because he's a racist and in every thread he posts in come in and derail the thread with anti black comments? Just a question I generally like to keep the BS in other threads and leave camp threads alone, just posting questions that I legit want answered.

  12. You know what you do :lol: Plus you have established a reputation.

  13. Why do I get called out when I'm keeping to topic, giving props to Jimmy, then someone brings up something completely unrelated to the topic and the Panthers. I just want some clarification please