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  1. Panthers bringing in a QB

    I wonder if there is a stat for team average height haha
  2. Some of you are way to fuggin sensitive this evening. Wtf
  3. Ok sour grapes. Your feelings must have been hurt by me a DG. There's a 6/8 of a huddle there to support you through your hardship.
  4. Bigger than your future. Lol, I kid. Calm down.
  5. Don't look for big moves you say? DG thinks otherwise.
  6. So 3/4 of huddle are pretty much saying they would have been a better GM because they would have drafted entirely differently because the actual picks don't make sense. Business as usual here at carolinahuddle.com
  7. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Haha that agent so happy he getting paid rofl
  8. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Just say the fuggin pick already. We get it..
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    This pick was a money saving move.
  10. I feel like this was a money saving move.
  11. For some reason, I feel like Getty is in a dark room somewhere with one overhead lamp and a monitor, shuffling his fingers and mumbling 'excellent' with an evil grin.
  12. The best thing you will see all day....

    Why is he running around and trying to get injured??? Should he bebubble wrapped till season opener? But nah, for real, he looks hungry for impact.
  13. An outlier among teams with the most cap space

    What does it look like at this moment or how much does he have left?
  14. NFL Coaches Group Photo

    Jeff Fisher is posing for a tinder picture