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  1. Hate it. Fuller was on the board. So unless his knee is really messed up I can't get on board with this. Rather have spent it on Cash or something.
  2. Four Carolina Panthers Round Two Prospects

    CB Fuller DE Dodd Dont thing anyone expected Dodd to fall into the 2nd. I would think he's taken within the first 10 picks. Hopefully there's a run on DT's and we have a chance.
  3. A trade I'd like to see tomorrow

    That 5th year option is a big deal. Wouldn't trade it for anything this year. That said there's a lot of talent still left and I don't know where to go with it but we have to make a move for another impactful player.
  4. Official Igo pie thread

    Brethren, we follow you to the Panther Holy Land. Never will I doubt thee. You called it. I had some doubts but you did it, bud. Now any nuggets for tomorrow?
  5. I know they can play DE and play it well as far as in KK. But I rather not push me DTs out. I want my DE's to rush with their ears pinned back. In a way this pick makes it happen. I'm just so used to going to that "NASCAR" package that I want a fresh DE coming in to rush the hell out of the passer.
  6. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Guess I'm just tripping about having Dodd and Ogbah on the board with CJ leaving. And not being sure that they'll last long enough to be within reach of trading up.
  7. Great post. I've been freaking out a bit because I was all in on Dodd. But firstly, what's a NY? Ignore my ignorance but I've never seen that for a DT unless you misspelled. In that case I'm sorry. Secondly, do you think this is enough push up the middle to not have to rotate DE's inside? Lastly, what about Butler?!
  8. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    My thoughts exactly! Why waste a 5th year option on a backup? I would only assume Star is done after the 5th year option. I love how Gettleman manipulates the cap to his convenience but I think NT's are easier to find than players like KK. Dodd or Ogbah learning for a year before CJ rides would've been preferable. There's a ton of DT's in this draft that all fell. There's an abundance that you could've gotten a good one staying put in the 2nd. That being said Gettleman always proves me wrong. P.s. Would love Shepard, both Henry's, but give me Dodd, Ogbah, or Fuller, Cravens in the 2nd stat. BTW what are we doing with 5 DTs deep?!
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    My opinion two pitchers in: 1. Get the upside but don't like a small school prospect in the 1st. 2. We had Dodd and Ogbah available. Wtf?! We need pass rush. Hopefully they last long enough to trade up and grab them. 3. Does this have anything to do with losing Star or KK?
  10. Sideswiped

    Quick question; can you rollover as much money as you want or is there a limit you can't exceed?
  11. Interesting "Consensus" Big Board

    I'm interested in Paxton Lynch being in our neighborhood presenting itself for a trade.
  12. "Scary Interest" in USC S/LB Su'a Cravens

    Better for us. Let him fall to our 2nd round pick.
  13. Panthers free agent possibilities/predictions

    Weddle, Hayward, Boykin, Coples, Long, Fairley. Seem like realistic options for us. Hoping we sign 3 of those names.
  14. Well, on the bright side, you would think Gettleman would at least have 4 players each from the next 2 drafts justify a roster spot for cheap so that'll bring 27 contracts to 35. Then some more fillers and we're in good shape to make some moves. As much as I love Norwell and Turner, I'm in the belief that guards are fairly easy to find and should not break the bank over. I'm all for giving them good compensation but nowhere near what these guards are getting like Osemele.
  15. If it came down to..

    That's a tough one. Normally, I'm in the stock up on DL camp and still leaning that way. But Doctson would be nice insurance for KB or Funch and could make us much more dangerous on O. Bullard is another interesting prospect. But does he have a real position? I would not argue with the first 2 picks going to the DL. But like a previous poster mentioned, drafting DL 1st and then trading up for Shepard or Henry would be enticing. I'd also like to trade up for Fuller or WJIII if he miraculously fell to round 2.