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  1. chris999 added a post in a topic Luke cracking the top 10 this year?   

    I think Luke is the best defensive player in football. 
    If you had one guy and you wanted to build a defense around him I would choose Luke. For that reason I think he should already be a top 10. But that is just my opinion though, and I think some people would aregue that you could say the same thing about JJ Watt. 
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  2. chris999 added a post in a topic Recasting Game of Thrones... with Panthers players...   

    Or Jeff Otah...
    Smitty as tyrion Lannister...
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  3. chris999 added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Luke Kuechly Visiting Carolina
    I've liked Kuechly for a while now.

    I like guys like Claiborne and Blackmon like everyone else does, but the way I think the draft is going to play out, realistically I think that at number 9 Luke will be the best player left.

    The thing I like about him the most is that he is pretty much a lock to be a good or great player in the NFL. Ron Rivera Loves his Linebackers too. Look at his number 1 defenses he had in Chicago and in San Diego... He always had a very good Linebacker that was the leader of the Defense.

    He is the safe pick, unlike Brockers, Poe or Kirkpatric.
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