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  1. Depends on what happens in the draft. If we re-sign Norman and draft another CB to replace Tillman, then I am fine with Boston. If we lose Norman, or if we have to roll with Tillman (who is oft injured) again, then we should draft the best CB or safety avalible depending on who is on the board.
  2. I like CJ, and I think he would be awesome if we could resign him, but I just think we have back loaded his contract for so long that we will probably have to cut ties. Even though he is still ptobably top 10 at his position (due to versatility and run defense), he had his first down year this year, and we have probably seen his best years. I am for handing the keys to Ealy, and finding a very good replacement for CJ on the other side. I think we can get a better player for the same or even less money.   All this being said, I dont know the details of CJs contract, so If letting him walk would hurt the team more than attempting a fix, then do what we have to do. But I do think that the spot opposite of Ealy needs some competition and an upgrade if possible. Football is won in the trenches, as we all saw with Denver.
  3. Cap Casualties - Top 25

    I would be interested in Chris Long, Cromartie (out of need) and Sproles. I would take a look at Khalil and Clady, though both have underperformed. I would throw a low-ball offer at these guys and see if they would like to have a chance at a ring. We are good enough that we can do that now.
  4. Wes Horton re-signed

    Wes has been a good player for us. He knows the system and he didnt break the bank. Good signing. He still has unreached potential too.
  5. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    I want him back.   But I know it wont happen.
  6. If I were him, I would retire. But... he is pretty close to some records,and  he has some impressive active records going too. He probably made more money to kiss Papa John than we will ever make in our lifetimes, so if it were me, I would go out on top and try to be able to walk when I am 60 years old. Alot of these guys live out the rest of their lives in pretty severe pain.
  7. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    It is what it is...   That being said, I do believe that Jerry is committed to bringing us a Superbowl win. Too soon, I know... but something has changed these past few years. We are relevant.
  8. New Punter

    This isnt Nortman's best year, but 'atrocious'? Just a year or 2 ago he was recognized as one of the best punters in the league and had the leagues longest average kicks.
  9. How dare Cam take over 'our' QB position!

    Please stop... Cam will show them on the field.

    I think we are going to make some big moves this offseason that will seem out of character for this team. We have seen Gettleman operate his 'moneyball scheme' and he has dove exceptionally well IMO. This year I think we are going to have a lot more freedom with our cap-space, and I think we are going to see that Gettleman is not going to be similar to Hurney. We are a competitive franchise right now, maybe more so than ever, and I think that even thought a 15-1 regular season wins may be difficult to repeat, I DO think that we are going to have an even better football team. I predict a blue chip DE will be brought in as a solid starter across from Ealy, and I think that we will sign a good Cornerback as well, whether we sign Norman or not. I also think there will be offensive signings, but they are a little harder for me to predict.
  11. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    I also think we are going to go big in free agency, not just the draft. Something tells me that we will go after a pro-bowl caliber player at a position of need. Probably a DE or CB. If we are njot able to sign Norman, we may get 2 CBs. We are in a window where we are winning right now, and we need to adress our needs immediately instead of waiting 2 or 3 years for rookies to develop. A dominant DE to go with Ealy, Short and Star would give us a defensive line like we had in 2013 or like Denver had this year.
  12. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    I hate to kick a guy when he is down, but you are right.   Cotchery no longer offered anything other than an occasional catch every now and then, but he doesnt have any of the speed of after catch ability of Ginn or Philly. As for Harper. I never disliked him as a Panther, but I always knew he was a bargain player from when we were cash-strapped. He had his moments, but he is god awful in open space and in coverage. Young talent in the draft will do alot of good, and then fill any remaining holes in free agency.  
  13. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    Jerry is kinda known as the League bully honestly. I dont really think it is always a bad thing either. Unlike most of the other owners, Mr. Richardson is a self-made man. He wasnt born into money, he was a businessman who made the most out of his opportunities. He is exactly the kind of guy that the 'shield' wants to act as 'ceo' sometimes, even though the official guy is Goodale, he is more of a figurehead and represents the link between the 32 teams...   Goodale represents the NFL 'brand' and sales, while Richardson more represents the 32 owner/families more directly IMO.
  14. Wow.. I honestly see us not resigning almost all of these guys. Maybe 4 or 5 of them tops.   I like Love alot. Great heart and ability, and he will play for a good price. I like Webb as long as he remains cheap. I think he might be good enough to make QB2 on a roster elsewhere though. I like Remmers to back up Williams next year... but I am sure he will get signed elsewhere. He played well for most of the year. He will be an average RT somewhere next year. Any of the other guys I would let walk. I would keep Jansen because he never makes mistakes. (he is our longsnapper right?)   I forgot Norman, but I think he is a given. I think we will reach a 'reasonable' deal for him. If he wants a record breaking contract though, I dont think G-man is down with that.
  15. I saw this the other day... but I would'nt have posted it because the loss was fress and I didnt want to feel like a sore loser.   I think he has 5% truth, a little connecting the dots and 95% just got lucky as hell. I do agree with him that the world is a stage, and that most people are clueless to hidden world around them, but I dont think the NFL is rigged. Too many billions of dollars at stake... and if some owner got fired (like the racist dude in the NBA) he would tell the secets for blackmail. It is just too big of a secret for too many people to keep. Denver kicked our ass... and it was because we were not humble enough.