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  1. Game 7

    poo, I'm not playing, and I'm very embarrassed lol. The boss is embarrassed, and that's not gonna bode well for some players
  2. And in the return game....he's got some wheels on him
  3. Touchbacks at the 25, automatic ejections happening

    My bad, I was thinking he received 2 unsportsmanlike flags in the half....all in all, he was still an asshole that day lol. I would have threw his ass out
  4. Touchbacks at the 25, automatic ejections happening

    Would have worked well on OBJ last season lol
  5. Hornets tickets?

    Here's my story....due to an unplanned surgery I had to have, I missed a few weeks of work and a couple paychecks, while promising to take my son to a hornets game this season. Was supposed to take him the middle of February for his with 11th birthday, and I couldn't yeah, I feel like the shitty father. If anyone hastickets they can't use,or knows of anyone getting rid of tickets on the cheap,hitme up. The only game I'm available to go to is March 19 against the Nuggets. Would need 3 tickets. Me, wife, and son. Any info or help would be awesome. Have a blessed day.
  6. Richie brockel was blocked into that loose ball
  7. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  8. is cliff still on here? not sure about his last name, but he got me some tickets for some games the last few years, he wears the blue wig on gameday, and drives the black truck.....just wondering. i have tailgated with him in the past