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  1. Rivera said deep bone bruise in post game presser. He said if TD says he can play, he will not hold him back
  2. Getting pumped

    Here's his new one he made today....seems like good luck to me, and I feel Cam will have a monster game
  3. NFC Trophy presentation

    To be honest, I think they present the trophy during the celebration in the locker room, with the owner, gm, and coach being interviewed....could be wrong. I think they only present the Lombardi on field, unless they have changed things up
  4. Getting pumped

    Thanks. Hopefully he has a future in graphic arts. Kids are so damn smart at a younger age these days
  5. Getting pumped

    He's definetely too young to scroll the pages of the huddle at this time. Almost 11. Sorry Igo, I gotta give him a few more years. He said the huddle looks really cool, lol 
  6. Getting pumped

    I told him his pic was getting pie.... lol he didn't understand what that was. I told him it was equivalent to likes, his response was priceless....
  7. Getting pumped

    Yeah, actually he did
  8. Getting pumped

    My oldest son is 10 and into sports pic editing, this is his latest project and looks really good. When I was 10, I was into Atari and my.
  9. How crazy is this making you?

    Office Space random fun fact of the day 
  10. How crazy is this making you?

  11. Interesting fan base trend....

    I share a lot on Facebook... A lot of my friends enjoy the along the sideline pics, which I share on Sunday nights. Give all the the credit to you and this website. In turn, I've seen at least 4 of my actual friends like this website...I know I'm not all pro, but I do put the word out because this is where your gonna get the latest info, imo. Plus, everyone on here seems weird, which is right up my alley lol
  12. XClown

    I feel ya....I had my 2 sons 2 and 3 years after x-clown, respectively. So I got some wear on my tires, lol
  13. Ron Rivera on Mike and Mike

    Mike and Mike said they were done picking against Carolina., now guys? Lol say the Panthers are the best in the NFC
  14. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    Mainly because we are still a small market team, despite our success. If we had several seasons strung together like this we would get more media respect. We have for the most part been a up and down team the past several years, but I feel we are trending upward starting this season. Super bowl or not, we are gonna be up there for the next few years. But me, like half of the people on here, just ignore the media. Let's quietly build this powerhouse in uptown Charlotte and take the NFL by storm.
  15. You. Yeah You....

    Nevermind, found it