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  1. How bad is Tillman hurt though?
  2. We are a old school football team with a new school QB
  3. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    Qb should never be a higher standard just one of the gears of the machine you call a football team
  4. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    So I want to win   look for role model in Jesus
  5. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    I do the locker room will take care of it's self
  6. Last man standing pie!!!!

    Pie please so close to a 100 pies.
  7. and then there was only one.

    What's the deal with this underrated Qb crap yet your team is not.   is this MLB where Qb are pitchers?
  8. and then there was only one.

    We just need to stay humble      Tom Brady was not humble yelling at the refs like that then he loses gronk
  9. PIE as the Patriots are defeated!!!

    Yes! stupid Brady lost   11-0 for us saints lets focus
  10. The world may never know until monday morning.
  11. Sunday night game thread

    How are they going to flex New England's game with the Texans and not ours with the giants or falcons