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  1. Grounding?

    Was this the play that both Olsen and CMC stayed in to block? Why do we have our two best recieving opitions not running routes?
  2. Game feels like our most recent playoff loss to Seattle.
  3. Panthers have never lost a Wild Card game

    Saints haven’t lost a playoff game at home under Sean Payton. We’ll need to play an almost perfect game. Nothing indicates to me that we’re capable of beating the Saints in all three phases of the game. Hope to be proved wrong.
  4. After back to back runs for CMC, no rushed since...
  5. Three big missed penalties so far
  6. Everyone knew was going to happen
  7. We all know they are going to make a run in the 4th.
  8. Some of you are overly sensitive. My God
  9. Need to tackle better on defense. Offense needs to get the short passing game going. PA and roll outs since the run game is working.
  10. Need to make Keenum pay for these runs and throwing while falling down.
  11. Horrible play call on third down, so soft coverage.
  12. Great communication on that 3rd down. Kuechkly rubbed off on the crossing route
  13. Breakdown and fuging tackle.
  14. That’s not good for Olsen