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  1. Panthers Question on Jeopardy

    Seriously. I just watched the clip. Cringe worthy.
  2. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    too easy
  3. Vernon Butler First Impressions

  4. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    Jeremy, apparently you are 6'4".
  5. Top 100 players No. 86 Jonathan Stewart

    Gotta love some wholesome, Stewy goodness.
  6. 6 WR/TE numbers left

  7. It's almost time again! So stoked...

    Britt's > * That is a fact, bruh
  8. Draft Day Menu

    But I'll be damned if it aint delicious!
  9. Draft Day Menu

    Probably some over priced, stale, nasty food served by an underpaid worker with a bad attitude since I'll be on a short layover in Hartsfield-International.

    Hmmm...I'd have to throw a warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream into the mix...
  11. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    Bye Bye Manziel...
  12. Im at work and was scared to click, but.... I clicked anyway...
  13. The best rock song of all time

    Not only that, but it single-handedly dethroned glam rock as the most popular form of hard rock/metal.
  14. So, just how big a "Hog Molly" would you like?

    Oh, I am in awe ofthe dude. What he does is absolutely amazing for his size. But, do you really think his body could continue to hold up under all that weight? I do agree that he could not play every down...
  15. So, just how big a "Hog Molly" would you like?

    You mean, like his knees blowing out?