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  1. Prepaid phones and service

    Depending on how much control you want, you can also use apps such as this: http://www.phonesheriff.com/cell-phone-parental-control.html
  2. The Offseason is Dead Pie Thread

    Winner winner pie dinner
  3. RIP Huddle

    He CLEARLY spilled some beer. FIRED.
  4. To the Cord Cutting Panther Fans

    ^^ This. Can't watch from an area that isnt supported yet.
  5. Well?

    fuging uncle Rico. Back in 82, he could've thrown a steak over a mountain.
  6. Gameday Menu

    You can get it at Whole Foods for $5.99. Whatabargain.
  7. Gameday Menu

  8. Gameday Menu

    Bacon and mushroom omelettes.
  9. Makes me smile every time I see it.
  10. Great news!

    Me too. Gotta love it!
  11. Panthers practices this week....

    Hah...I see why they call you RetardedCollegeCoach.