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  1. Just bought a new pellet grill and I'm smoking a 12lb butt, currently. Making some Cole slaw, Mac n cheese and baked beans to go along with it. Only Southeastern style, vinegar based sauce for this guy.
  2. I played my part

  3. Words that aren't nice together

    Major abdominal surgery. You really dont realize how much that area of your body is used for almost every movement you make until you have some docs pull your guts out. 2 weeks of hell trying to recover.
  4. Alex Armah

    Ah yes. The result of Tie-Gate.
  5. Alex Armah

    One of my favorite Tolbert moments (least favorite?) was during his last season with the Panthers. He was running the ball, forgot that he was a tub o goo and tried to pull a spin move on a LB. His legs just gave out during the spin and he fell even though there was no contact.
  6. Ouch, bad Camism. Yea, life kept me away from football on Sunday, unfortunately.
  7. What did I miss? What did Cam say?
  8. SI.com article on Julius Peppers

    Exactly why I kept my Peppers Jersey from his rookie season. I always wanted him to come back. Dude is a beast.
  9. GIFs From The Falcons Game

    Thanks, @MurkN!! I didn't get to watch the game so these are seriously appreciated.
  10. Anal leakage....

    Between the stadium and the QB, ATL apparently needs some adult undergarments.
  11. Check out this fountain at the Hospital

    lol...what hospital is that?
  12. Kelvin TD...

    And Evans got to see what a horrible position he was in.
  13. Did I hear this right? 70%?

    Kind of like when female reporters.... Wait a minute...
  14. Gameday Menu

    Why u gotta be so mean to that tilapia