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  1. WilmyWood added a post in a topic Son, when I was your age....   

    My son asked me if I used to write with a  feather.
    One time in a hotel, my son was playing around and picked up the landline phone to pretend he was calling someone. He heard the dial tone and immediately threw the phone down thinking something was wrong.
    You forgot the part about using a set of pliers to change it because the plastic knob fell off.
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  2. WilmyWood added a post in a topic Have a happy and safe 4th of July   

    10.4%.  That is how you start the good times.  Oh yea, stayout of the ocean everyone.  Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
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  3. WilmyWood added a post in a topic Wayward Pines   

    Yea, it does get better.  I wasn't a fan initially, but my wife was so we kept watching.  I do like it now and it is much better than the god awful Under the Dome.  
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