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  1. Large man with a beard

    I'm a large man with a beard that has on several occasions been likened to Kalil. See avatar for reference. Makes me all giddy inside when it happens. 
  2. Dish tv for internet service ?

    That is truly awful, especially for what you're paying. I've never used Dish TV for anything, but their website claims even their slowest package is better than what you have. If it isn't what they claim it is, you can always cancel in the first thrifty days.   
  3. USA today using Jeremy's Pics?

    Yea, looks to me like they are taken at slightly different angles and a split second apart.
  4. 2 games in 5 days...

    We're moving the feast to lunch instead of dinner.  Then I'll be retiring my happy ass to the recliner with my beer and stretchy pants to watch the game.
  5. Safety Dab

    Sweet Jibbers Crabst they need to play that when he scores...
  6. Yea man, he has an exclusive on The Today Show tomorrow morning with Matt Lauer. They are claiming it's a "heartfelt reveal". I'd say it's true. 
  7. That was a long time ago so maybe not. I'd hate to see that hottie infected with Tiger Blood. 
  8. You. Yeah You....

    Any company.  Just click that link and buy it from Amazon.
  9. Android App Issues

    Zod killed the app.  It doesnt work for anyone, anymore. Im not sure if he has plans to resurrect it, either.
  10. Does anyone else get off on...

    Boobs ass and ranch. What a combo. 
  11. Big NASA announcement about Mars today 5pm est

    THIS JUST IN-  Mars definitely probably maybe has water.  Let's say it's frozen.  It also definitely probably maybe has amoebas in it.  Also, there's this guy that looks like Bigfoot walking around.
  12. 90s music