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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    I meant do you remember what happened on the first day of OTAs last year? It's relevant to why it's too early to panic.
  2. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    We don't know anything yet. It's a little early to get upset.
  3. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Yeah, because the first day of offseason activities is such a good indicator of how our season will go. Remember what happened last year?
  4. OTAs start Tuesday

    They interviewed Blackburn for the assistant special teams job. The guy who got it has a better resume', but obviously they still like Blackburn.
  5. Not really released. Just not re-signed.
  6. tarheelfan23's list of free agents we should bring in

    Idris Elba already has the Dark Tower role. Matthew McConnaughey is the bad guy.
  7. Word now that Jags rookie DE Jonathan Woodard (7th round pick) tore his achilles. Dang, these dudes are snakebit.
  8. Comfortable with running backs?

    How could you not be comfortable with a guy who has this kind of fashion sense?
  9. Clichés are cliché for a reason.
  10. I know where you can find cheap, high-quality jerseys.
  11. No, he can't. He can coach, though.
  12. Comfortable with running backs?

    I'm more comfortable with what we have than what's out there unemployed right now.
  13. Arian Foster?

    Stewart and Tolbert
  14. Arian Foster?

    Try using voice to text. It misinterprets things sometimes but once you get used to it, it's easier than typing.
  15. That's kinda the sad part. Objectively speaking, Newton legitimately belongs on this list. Outside of the Panthers fanbase, there genuinely seems to be a lot of dislike for him. A good amount of it of course coming from fans of teams he's beaten (and enjoyed beating). Is it fair? Obviously I'd say no. But then I'm sure Patriot fans would say the Brady hate (#5 behind Hardy) isn't fair either. That's sports, though. In sports fanhood, the player on your team is a knight in shining armor. But that guy who beat you last year, he's an a--hole. And on that front, frankly I'm hoping the rest of the league has reason to hate Cam, Luke, Olsen and every other player on the roster for the next decade or more.