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  1. Was said that the video included messages from some of the 2003 players telling the guys on the current team to finish the job.
  2. Word that Cam, Luke and Coach Rivera have all arrived at the stadium. Can't imagine what these guys are feeling right now.

    Nice job, dude.
  4. Loved the Sabols. That family did so much to make football what it is today.
  5. Don't do what your user name says.
  6. Titans coach Mike Mularkey wants his team to emulate the Panthers (Link) The article includes comments from former Panther Byron Bell.
  7. UFC ‏@ufc After a huge win last night, @WonderboyMMA is hoping for a big @Panthers win today! #Dab #SB50
  8. Steve Smith on CBS now...
  9. That's okay. I like winning away games.
  10. Keep Pounding Drum

    Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview Have asked Steph twice. Hasn't confirmed, hasn't denied. THINK it's not him. RT @crdarn26: @BlackBlueReview any idea who will hit the drum? 410  
  11. Disagree. The 85 Bears are iconic because of one very special season. The fact that we have a connection to them, and a team with a unique personality like theirs, makes me think winning this game will write the ending to a phenomenal story.
  12. It's Black and Blue Dawn.
  13. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    It's pretty tough to troll when a team's been as successful as the Panthers have been this season. Nothing sticks. Even worse when your team is sitting at home and one of the big reasons is that we swept them. You can try your best, but in the end you're just an ant trying to bring down an elephant, and the ultimate outcome is you either move on or get stepped on.
  14. Loved the shot of Thomas Davis just standing there looking like he's the baddest mother around. And well, he is.
  15. Nothing Will be the Same

    If we lose the game, I won't lose confidence. I think this team will be in a position to contend for years to come.