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  1. Draft and free agency

    And I suspect you will.
  2. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Greeting returning players isn't "celebrating a loss".  It's showing support.
  3. I hope DG learned something tonight

    I get that.  I just don't think any changes to how they approach the offseason are needed. The team has been steadily getting better each year.  Needs are being filled.  Overall depth improved.  And we've been a more consistent winner than at any time in the team's history. They'll identify holes.  They'll look for upgrades.  they'll put the whole package together and we'll be ready to go again. I'm optimistic.
  4. Call me morbid, but his forearm actually looks like a football.
  5. NFL Rigged?

    No, it's not rigged. Incompetent sometimes, but not rigged. We really do need full time refs.
  6. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Norwell leaving the game injured tonight hurt us a lot. Ditto Philly Brown.
  7. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    Think 2000 Ravens. Manning is obviously a better quarterback than Trent Dilfer could even imagine being, but his body was failing him.  His defense carried the game and won him a championship.
  8. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Every season they look at every position and evaluate where we need upgrades and changes, then they use all their resources available to build a better roster. That won't change this offseason, and history shows Gettleman has been very good at it. Again, no reason to be anything but hopeful and optimistic.
  9. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I would but I'll be working.
  10. This Team Is Ahead of Schedule: Remember That

    We've been overachieving for a while now. I'll take that over the alternative any time.
  11. Cam pouting at the podium

    Should he have walked out/  probably not. Will he get a lot of flak because of it?  Definitely. Do I care?  Not really. He's pissed.  Good.  He should be.  They all should be, and I have no doubt they all are. Use it next year.
  12. Racist peice of poo

    I'm taking it harder than you'd think based on how optimistic I sound on here. But when i say I believe we are well-positioned for the future, I'm not blowing smoke.  I genuinely believe it.
  13. Racist peice of poo

    I'm not sure Romanowski knows the connotation. Actually, there are a lot of words I'm not sure Romanowski knows the meaning or connotation of.
  14. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Yes, i can be happy for Manning. And this "OMG we'll never be in the Super Bowl again" is unrealistic.