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  1. Okay. So then...Why?

    Heh... Well, if you go that route, you should also throw in that the parrot knows how to run a Coryell.
  2. Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    Lawrence Welk always used to precede Hee Haw on Saturdays. Good times...
  3. Okay. So then...Why?

    Yeah, that's what I figured after watching a couple of times. You can catch just the tiniest hint of him moving back but it's "blink and you miss it". Good for a chuckle, though
  4. Okay. So then...Why?

    Can take that or longer, though sometimes it's relatively fast. The bigger ones tend to be quicker. Parrots generally only learn words instantly on TV / in the movies.
  5. Okay. So then...Why?

    Also from Garcia's Twitter, the hell?
  6. Okay. So then...Why?

    Latest from Garcia... So did someone tell him he was announcing a pick they didn't have or did he just get it wrong? Option two sounds more likely, but I'm actually starting to wonder if maybe somebody pranked him.
  7. I like him, but he's a late riser, which makes me nervous. Yeah, no way I could see him believing that. Mind you, if he did, yikes!
  8. Okay. So then...Why?

    Side Note: Crucial info regarding the parrot... Important questions and answers about the Bucs Draft parrot Figured it'd be a macaw. That's what you typically see depicted with pirates.
  9. Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    The downside is when Eagles fans call in
  10. Okay. So then...Why?

    The internet is serious.
  11. Okay. So then...Why?

    Except for his wife. To be fair though, he was actually a decent system QB.
  12. Well, this took off...
  13. Okay. So then...Why?

    Valid. I mean, even if he didn't mean to insult the Bucs, having a former player say he doesn't care about who you pick, he has a life and blah blah blah isn't exactly something I'd appreciate if I were them.
  14. Well, that was the knock on Montana.
  15. Ben Navarro, "The Cool Cat"

    If you're talking about this board, I wouldn't agree with the "well rewarded" part. Part of the problem is a pretty good portion of what you post is talking about yourself. There's just about always a line about "oh, I did this" or "I know all about that" or some such. It's generally pretty clear you want people to think you're a big deal. When they don't, you get pissed off. The fact that you make so much effort to try and establish yourself as superior to me is particularly amusing...and telling. I'm just an average fan and don't claim to be anything else, but apparently I make a "retired college coach" insecure. Sheesh Some of us - probably a lot of us, actually - are both capable of and comfortable with talking football without having to tell everybody we're something that we're really not. Message board rep isn't such a big serious deal. The average fan here is just that, and is fine with that, and doesn't need to go out and try to tell everyone how great they are. As the saying goes, if you have to tell me how great you are, you're not. Likewise, if your need to make people think you're a big deal to get them to listen to your opinions, then your opinions aren't that great.