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  1. Mr. Scot

    Panthers make personnel changes

    That's along lines of what I was thinking. he certainly doesn't have enough of a scouting background to do something more significant.
  2. Mr. Scot

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Chuck Pagano, Steve Spagnuolo, Ray Horton and others were all available, but ya know...continuity. I'd have at least given one of those guys a call, but there's pretty much zero indication we looked at any outside options.
  3. Mr. Scot

    Panthers make personnel changes

    People are probably gonna think these are related to David Tepper. I question that. Tepper hasn't really been around that long, and possibly not long enough to make a bunch of these decisions at one.
  4. Speaking as someone who's a huge Hurney detractor, I don't really think the blame for this one you can be laid at Marty's feet. This was Richardson. He's gone now, and I can't imagine a guy who doesn't even button up his shirt for press conferences is all that worried about appearances.
  5. Thank you for making this special effort to show us how edgy you are. We're all very impressed.
  6. For anybody wanting to put a cynical spin on this, if you read the story you'll see that Tepper made the promise to get Mr Coleman some business cards during his first visit to Bank of America Stadium, when he wasn't the owner yet. The fact that he both remembered and fulfilled that promise shouldn't be forgotten. You learn a lot about people by watching how they treat service people; waiters, waitresses, security, etc. And plenty of "big bosses" look at people like assets. It matters.
  7. Well, Rob Ryan never posed in a locker room wearing only a towel. The same cannot be said of Ron Rivera.
  8. Agreed. Like with a lot of things, it's about balance.
  9. I actually think he can be both. To service people like Mr Coleman, Tepper can be nice and respectful because he came from a middle class family background and appreciates how hard they work. At the same time, Tepper can be demanding of higher ups in the organization and insist that they perform to justify keeping their highly paid positions.
  10. The owner of a franchise taking time to do something nice for a lower level employee... Nice story.
  11. We missed a chance to save a lot of money there. I'm fairly certain Rob would have consented to being paid in chicken.
  12. It's worth remembering that Ron Rivera has a pretty strong connection with the Ryan family. Buddy was his DC in Chicago and actually helped him get started on his coaching career.
  13. This could have been us...
  14. Hey, at least Rex kept his shirt on.