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  1. Mr. Scot added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Here's a guy you'll never hear from again
    Texans rookie arrested for burglary

    Wonder what this guy's Wonderlic score was...
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  2. Mr. Scot added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson a deal in the range of Cam Newton's   

    The Hawks should take him up on that.
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  3. Mr. Scot added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    Someone should forward this story to Russell Wilson's agent as soon as possible. 
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  4. Mr. Scot added a post in a topic New plagues at Raymond James Stadium   

    You all think I'm joking? Well, take a look at this:
    Scientists extract DNA of first-ever bubonic plague
    Genetic research on a centuries old plague that killed a significant percentage of the population...
    But hey, I'm sure theyll be really careful.
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  5. Mr. Scot added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    New plagues at Raymond James Stadium
    They didn't feel MRSA was effective enough, so they're introducing a new bubonic strain.
    Visitors are strongly recommended to wear full hazmat gear and burn it afterward. 
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  6. Mr. Scot added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    All I can say is thank God Marty Hurney didn't know about this kind of contract.
    We'd have wound up paying DeAngelo Williams well into his sixties.
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  7. Mr. Scot added a post in a topic How good are Luke and TD?   

    In honor of all the Taylor Swift stuff that's been flying around this forum, I guess their song lyric would be "and the Bucs are gonna suck suck suck suck suck".
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  8. Mr. Scot added a post in a topic Strip...Pers   

    I'm pretty sure the job description for a Family Feud question writer says "write something vague that could easily be turned into a sexual innuendo".
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  9. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Cam Looking Dapper
    Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was recently spotted at Tim Te-bow's charity golf event at The Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass(Ponte Vedra Beach, FL).
    Obviously, Cam displayed his unique style, but took it a little further with his shoe choice. I can only dream of the day I am hip enough to pull this look off.



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  10. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Panthers Sign Michael Oher
    The Carolina Panthers have signed offensive tackle Michael Oher two a two year deal.

    Oher struggled last season with the Titans, but some speculate it was mainly due to a nagging toe injury. Oher spend the last few games on injured reserve.

    He is now said to be healthy and anxious for a new start.

    It is debatable if Oher is an upgrade over the much maligned Byron Bell. Pro Football Focus had Bell ranked next to last in 2014, with Oher a few slots above him. If injuries did play a role in the decrease in Oher's performance, he could very well come in and perform at a higher level than Bell on day one.

    I do not think the offensive tackle positions are concrete yet. I still do expect for a rookie and/or possibly another free agent offensive tackle to be brought into the mix by the Panthers along with right tackle Mike Remmers.

    I am convinced Remmers will be given a shot at left tackle at some point this offseason. Afterall, Nate Chandler was given that opportunity last offseason... so why not?
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  11. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Thanks, Steve
    For over a decade, no one's been more exciting to watch than you.

    I saw your first ever play as a pro, a kick return for a touchdown that came after a Minnesota Viking player talked trash to you. He wasn't the last guy to make that mistake either. I've seen that scene play out many times, pretty much always with the same results.

    The memory of you running, arms outstretched, into the Saint Louis end zone to take us to the NFC Championship is an image I doubt will ever leave my head. That is, to this day,still the best football game I ever watched.

    My best memory though? The day you signed an autograph for a sick little boy that coached in flag football. He's since gotten a kidney transplant and is doing fine (and he's a great receiver too).

    Football can be a cruel game, but even the saddest moments can't take away from the memories we gain along the way.

    So to sum it all up...

    Thank you, Steve.
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  12. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Breaking down the league's head coaches
    A lot of talk about what kind of coach the Panthers should hire (if Rivera is out).

    Let's look at where the rest of the league is.


    First off, offense vs defense:


    Andy Reid
    Bruce Arians
    Chip Kelly
    Doug Marrone
    Gary Kubiak
    Jason Garrett
    Jim Harbaugh
    Joe Philbin
    Marc Trestman
    Mike McCarthy
    Mike McCoy
    Mike Munchak
    Mike Shanahan
    Rob Chudzinski
    Sean Payton
    Tom Coughlin


    Bill Belichick
    Chuck Pagano
    Dennis Allen
    Greg Schiano
    Gus Bradley
    Jeff Fisher
    Jim Schwartz
    John Fox
    Leslie Frazier
    Marvin Lewis
    Mike Smith
    Mike Tomlin
    Pete Carroll
    Rex Ryan
    Ron Rivera


    John Harbaugh

    Next question...What were they doing before they were hired for their current job?


    Chuck Pagano
    Dennis Allen
    Gus Bradley
    Jim Schwartz
    Leslie Frazier
    Marvin Lewis
    Mike Smith
    Mike Tomlin
    Rex Ryan
    Ron Rivera


    Bruce Arians
    Gary Kubiak
    Jason Garrett
    Joe Philbin
    Mike McCarthy
    Mike McCoy
    Rob Chudzinski


    Andy Reid (formerly a Quarterback Coach)
    Jeff Fisher (former Defensive Coordinator)
    John Fox (former Defensive Coordinator)
    Mike Shanahan (former Offensive Coordinator)
    Tom Coughlin (former College Head Coach, NFL position coach)

    Bill Belichick
    Mike Munchak
    Sean Payton


    Chip Kelly
    Doug Marrone
    Greg Schiano
    Jim Harbaugh
    Pete Carroll

    OTHER (2)

    John Harbaugh (NFL Special Teams Coach)
    Marc Trestman (CFL Head Coach)


    - Bill Belichick had been both an NFL head coach and a defensive coordinator before becoming coach of the Patriots.
    - Bruce Arians was an interim head coach while Chuck Pagano was ill, but his official position was still as an OC.
    - Tom Coughlin and Jim Harbaugh both had experience coaching in the NFL before getting their college head coaching jobs.
    - Likewise, Pete Carroll had been an NFL head coach twice as well as a very successful defensive coordinator before coaching USC.
    - John Harbaugh has experience coaching in all phases of the game, but made his name in the pros coaching special teams.
    - Marc Trestman had several years experience as an offensive coach in the NFL before going to Canada.


    And finally, let's take a look at who's been competing in - and winning - the big game over the last decade:

    2013 - John Harbaugh defeated Jim Harbaugh
    2012 - Tom Coughlin defeated Bill Belichick
    2011 - Mike McCarthy defeated Mike Tomlin
    2010 - Sean Payton defeated Tony Dungy
    2009 - Mike Tomlin defeated Ken Whisenhunt
    2008 - Tom Coughlin defeated Bill Belichick
    2007 - Tony Dungy defeated Lovie Smith
    2006 - Mike Tomlin defeated Mike Holmgren
    2005 - Bill Belichick defeated Andy Reid
    2004 - Bill Belichick defeated John Fox
    2003 - Jon Gruden defeated Bill Callahan
    2002 - Bill Belichick defeated Dick Vermeil
    2001 - Brian Billick defeated Jim Fassel
    2000 - Dick Vermeil defeated Jeff Fisher


    Breaking it down...

    Numbers tell you the best position to get an NFL head coaching job from is still a pro coordinator (DCs beat OCs by a narrow margin). Guys like Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino and Steve Spurrier made it tough for college coaches to get a look for a while there. Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll may be helping rebuild their image, though truthfully, it's kind of a misnomer to refer to Pete Carroll as a college coach. He had loads of experience as an NFL coach (including two head coaching stints) but his rep had taken a hit before he did some image rehab at USC.

    Harbaugh and Coughlin aren't exactly pure college coaches either. Coughlin was a pro position coach before going to Boston College. Harbaugh had a few years on the Raiders staff, but was a pro player for way longer than he was a pro coach (his last year was with the Panthers). Doug Marrone and Greg Schiano have pro experience too: Schiano spent three years as a Chicago Bears defensive assistant (Ron Rivera was also on staff for the last two of those) and Doug Marrone had a three year stint as OC for the New Orleans Saints.

    The only pure college coach on the list: Chip Kelly, whose grade so far is most definitely an incomplete.
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  13. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Speaking of Odd Couples...
    Since the days of Broadway Joe Namath, quarterbacks have been the glamour guys of the league. it's not at all unusual to see an NFL quarterback on the cover of a magazine like GQ or Esquire. And when advertisers want a pitch man, it's the quarterback they call first. They're stylish, handsome, and ladies everywhere swoon for them. On Sunday afternoons, they're the stars of the show that everyone is watching.

    And then there's the middle linebackers.

    Dick Butkus wasn't exactly somebody you'd go to for style tips. Ladies weren't swooning over pictures of Jack Lambert (though dentists might have). And if you were an advertiser, you probably didn't want to use a picture of Mike Singletary's eyes to show your product, unless you were advertising a horror movie. With these guys, nobody was expecting them to look good. They essentially had one job: hit people very hard (and they were good at it).

    So with that in mind, I give you Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly.

    I'm amused that the Panthers right now have a stereotypical "odd couple" in the leaders of their offense and defense.

    Jordan Gross asked Newton about how he picked out his gameday outfit. Cam talked about starting with the shoes and tailoring around them. He talked designer labels, fashion and style (which anyone would tell you he's got plenty of, along with tons of charisma).

    When Gross asked Luke what kind of shoes he wore on gamedays, Kuechly responded "brown ones".

    Call me crazy, but I love that we've got the whole 'fashion plate / lunch pail' dynamic between the guys at the center of their respective units. It's been true of a lot of great NFL teams of the past. I'd love it if our "odd couple" led this team to that same kind of greatness, and it'd be fun to watch along the way.

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  14. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    First Impressions: Dave Gettleman
    For those who watched the press conference (or those who will watch it later) what do you see/hear?

    Here's the link for those who didn't see it.

    Dave Gettleman: It's about getting it right
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  15. Mr. Scot added a article in Carolina Panthers   

    Notes and Memos - Falcons
    Dear Atlanta Journal Constitution,

    Sorry, what were you guys saying?

    - Greg Hardy
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