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  1. I don't really have a problem with Peter King, but I'm a big fan of Albert Breer. He writes great stuff.
  2. Mr. Scot

    Julio Jones holding out

    So apparently, Jones has become friends with Terrell Owens, and that friendship is making the Falcons "uneasy" (PFT)
  3. I remember you talking about this before (in All Pro, I think).
  4. I get all that, but keep in mind we're not just talking about Shula. More than one person has stated the belief that Dorsey was much more buddy than coach. Shula? Yeah, Rivera may not have known, but we do know he was told. Voth confirmed there was pressure to fire him but Rivera refused. That's a little tougher to defend. As to Newton in general, Igo was actually of the opinion that the staff from Rivera on down has basically been afraid to say a negative word to him. You definitely can't coach effectively like that.
  5. All perfectly logical... Let's be real though: Regardless of their level of achievement, if Newton didn't respect his previous coaches, doesn't at least some of the blame for that have to fall on Ron Rivera?
  6. Mr. Scot

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    To a point. Kids should be respectful, especially of someone who's doing a nice thing for them. The kind of people, kids or adults, who think getting on the radio or social media and disrespecting somebody famous somehow makes them a big deal are just idiots. I don't see them any different than the morons who used to make asses of themselves on American Idol as if that somehow made them "famous".
  7. Mr. Scot

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    You got a guy who doesn't owe you anything doing the kindness of putting on a football camp, and you act like that. I swear...
  8. Wasn't somebody already supposed to be doing that? I seriously have begun to question whether Ken Dorsey actually did anything that could correctly be referred to as "coaching". Even Shula as an OC seems to have been comfortable with just telling Cam "okay, do what you do". It's disappointing to think that all this talk about him having a plan on each play is something new.
  9. I definitely haven't read that 17 times before
  10. Try asking Rick Bonnell. He probably won't have a link but the story clearly made an impression on him, so he's likely to remember at least some of the details.
  11. Eeeehhh, it's possible, but plenty of guys who get cut or traded say the same thing. It's a little tricky to reconcile this with the fact that he and Newton were reportedly best friends.
  12. Mr. Scot

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    It's an odd concept though, isn't it? Wanting someone to be good enough to win a job when your basic task is to figure out who actually is the best person for the job. Isn't hoping for somebody to be better then a particular guy kind of a tacit acknowledgement that guy isn't really all that good?
  13. Mr. Scot

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Depends on whether you believe Geoff Schwartz. Schwartz recently said on the radio that the idea coaches don't know who their starters are right now is a myth. He believes that outside of additional cuts, signings etc. the depth chart is what it will be. Is he right? Don't know, but he's been there. I guess we'll see.
  14. Mr. Scot

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    I think that's uncurling
  15. Found this while looking for updates on the ownership transition. Reportedly stated during a radio interview where he expressed that he now no longer wants to own an NFL team... Diddy doesn't want to own an NFL team anymore Video link here (just after 42 minutes in): Big Boy TV I have zero interest in revisiting the anthem debate, but what I find crazy in this story is Diddy's claim about being in the bidding process right to the end when there's plenty of indication that he was never in the process at all. The only way this has any credibility is if Diddy was part of Michael Rubin's group, but even there it's been reported that Rubin bowed out early - March, to be precise - after being told he'd need a bid of at least 2.5 billion to be in the game (that wasn't true of course, but hey). Per multiple reports, Ben Navarro was the final bidder before David Tepper was ultimately awarded the franchise, with Alan Kestenbaum being a dark horse. To be clear though, Diddy never mentions Rubin, only himself. So is Combs talking about being part of Rubin's group here or just lying his ass off to make himself look good?
  16. Mr. Scot

    Cam to CMC for 6

    When you're on offense, it's always fun to see someone in that posture of "Dammit I just had him!"
  17. Growing up, your favorite album was juvenile?
  18. Luke spoke briefly about meeting with Tepper yesterday. Kuechly talks about Tepper FYI: The Observer's video sucks right now. I had to refresh four or five times to get it to play.
  19. Mr. Scot

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    I figure she just used it because it sounded cool. And to be fair, it's Twitter. Not necessarily the same standards of English you'd expect when writing a proper article.
  20. Mr. Scot

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    I don't think it's exactly correct usage here, but I get what she's trying to say. "Uncorked" might have been a better 'cool word' to throw in here.
  21. Mr. Scot

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    You know you just don't see people "unfurling" much these days.