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  1. ...the Jaguars were to make it to the Super Bowl this year (against someone other than us) and win? We haven't heard much from Jag fans over the past several years, but you can pretty much bet that if that were to happen, they'd have something to say. What would you say?
  2. How would you feel if...

    Regarding Coughlin... Numerous people who were around during his first run with the Jaguars echo that when it came to the Panthers, Coughlin had a major chip on his shoulder. It made him competitive to the extreme. He was said to have wanted to beat us in every way possible, especially "firsts" (first team to do this, first team to accomplish that, etc). The Panthers got a taste of this when they played a preseason game with the Jags during their second or third year. While the Panthers treated the game like what it was (a preseason game) Coughlin had his guys out for blood, and it showed. Now that was a long time ago and Coughlin has since earned two rings with the Giants, so I'd like to think he's no longer carrying any of that animosity with him. But it's also true that the Panthers recently fired a good friend of his, so who can say?
  3. How would you feel if...

    They haven't been relevant in ages. Kinda hard to talk smack under those circumstances (although there are certainly those who try). Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson weren't exactly world beaters. Now if they did win with Bortles, I'd expect some smack talk about Cam to commence shortly thereafter.
  4. They do business a little differently in New York than they do in North Carolina. The clearest thing we've learned from both Dave Gettleman and Bill Polian is that if we want a GM to work well with Jerry Richardson, he can't handle things like a yankee would.
  5. How would you feel if...

    Everybody still be happy for them after their fans come to gloat? You know it'd happen.
  6. Stewart's best quality has always been that he has the balance of a high wire artist. You really do have to wrap him up because if you just hit him and try to knock him down, chances are he'll correct and keep going. Unfortunately for us, Alvin Kamara has that same trait. As to Stewart though, at his age and with the mileage that he's got on his tires, you have to kind of expect that games like this last one are now the exception rather than the rule.
  7. Panther fans have become maddeningly accustomed to seeing one of the league's best defenses being told to go into a soft prevent mode every time we have a fourth quarter lead. This consistently means we get to watch opposing teams take advantage and come back on us, often ultimately defeating us or at the very least making the game scarily close. But on the final defensive series yesterday, something was different. In need of a "close out", the Panthers defense went into full attack mode, blitzing the daylights out of Vikings quarterback Case Keenum and his already depleted offensive line. The result: a final drive that went absolutely nowhere. No late game nail biting, no "Cardiac Cat" theatrics, just a much needed victory secured. So why the change? Did the notoriously conservative Ron Rivera manage for just a moment to find his inner "Riverboat" again? Or did defensive coordinator Steve Wilks say "screw this pansy s--t" and make the decision to amp things up on his own? There's no real hard evidence that I know of to support either conclusion. There's circumstantial stuff that Rivera pretty much never goes this route (at least not with McDermott as his DC) and the general talk is that Wilks is more aggressive than his predecessor (analysis of our defensive patterns would seem to support this) but it's ultimately still Rivera in charge, so who can say for certain? What's your speculation? What happened at the end of the game yesterday?
  8. It's kind of difficult to have "alleged" text and picture messages. You either have those or you don't, and the metadata is pretty easily verifiable so fakery isn't an option. And as mentioned above, since the details of these messages have been filled in official court documents, if she were unable to produce them she'd be in big trouble.
  9. I'm guessing you meant to post this in the "kneel down" thread.
  10. Again, she kept text messages and pictures that were sent to her. Those are pretty damning. As to her being the only one, she may be the only one to have come forward so far. It's not unusual for cases like this to start with one person then have others follow.
  11. This video is actually appropriate to two different threads. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f76_1323277426
  12. Perhaps the NFL made a mistake using this video in their sexual harassment awareness seminar. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f76_1323277426
  13. Some information regarding the evidence in the case (link) Really hate seeing Eric Davis connected to this mess.
  14. I remember the pics of the Titans cheerleaders from that game. (have mercy)
  15. Those people are okay. The guy who runs that stuff though? I've heard stories.
  16. As to the topic, yes it's bulls--t, not only because it's classless but I can't ever recall seeing it work (at least not in the NFL, anyway).
  17. To be fair, Golic was already an idiot.
  18. It's not an excuse, but it is an explanation. Win multiple rings and you can kick puppies on video and no one in the media will say anything. Be an average to lousy player and the media will rip you for poor penmanship. Sucks, but it's true.
  19. She's reported to have pictures and texts on her phone that support her story. As an aside, it's kind of ironic to see someone discuss sexual harassment issues using that screen name. (kinda like using "BarryBonds98" to talk about steroids)
  20. You have a hard time believing Heath Evans would have an insane lack of intelligence? Have you ever listened to him talk?
  21. Who made the decision?

    And that, unfortunately, sums up Ron Rivera. "Something might go wrong, so play it safe." "Riverboat Ron" is a fictional character.
  22. JNo not happy could he come back?

    The Skins don't use him that way. "Shutdown" corners are assigned to the other team's top receiver. The Redskins use the same kind of "left corner / right corner" system that John Fox used here, which is actually one of Norman's complaints. FYI, Rivera uses it too.
  23. Who made the decision?

    Still leaves me with the same question though? Why wait till now, especially given we've lost games with the conservative approach more than once? We blitzed on four straight plays. We pretty much never see that at the close of a game where we're leading.
  24. Killa Cam is my favorite Cam

    It's been talked about before, but back when Buddy Ryan was coaching the Eagles and had Randall Cunningham, his whole offensive scheme was basically built around the idea that all he needed was for Cunningham to make two or three big plays per game and his defense would take care of the rest. To be clear, this wasn't speculation or analysis. Ryan himself confirmed this was his way of thinking. Unfortunately for them, it didn't really work. They won some games for sure, but never really went anywhere. Now while I don't believe Ron Rivera was consciously attempting to mimic that approach, that's basically where we are right now. Worth remembering also that Buddy Ryan was one of Rivera's defensive mentors.