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  1. The NFL announced the compensatory picks for this year's draft. None for Carolina. NFL.com
  2. No compensatory picks

    Not decided yet.
  3. REPORT: Panthers exploring CB FA market

    Because he's not that good anymore.
  4. Ebron has our offer

    First real confirmation we reached out to Matthieu. (a little anticlockwise after the saga's already over)
  5. Way back when Norv was first hired, took a look at free agents that could come from his system. Jerick McKinnon's and Jarius Wright are two that were mentioned. Sounds like he's in the vein of Cotchery and Proehl. Guys like that make good security blankets.
  6. The Competition Committee is considering a rule that would allow the lead office to call for the ejection of a player if they catch them being bad on review. Good idea or bad?
  7. Starting with who got tagged and who didn't...
  8. Probably comparable to Tyler Larsen.
  9. Cordarrelle Patterson's relationship to Panther fans has been like grapes to Tantalus. People have spent years hoping that there was somehow, someway he'd wind up a Panther, but he's forever out of reach. Perhaps he'll end up here for his last year in the league when he's got nothing left.
  10. QB2 - who's our backup?

    What's Brad Kaaya up to these days?
  11. Well, that oughtta go over well here.
  12. QB2 - who's our backup?

    If I were wagering on it, I'd say our backup is going to be Derek Anderson.
  13. Gee, I wonder who people thought you were talking about when they clicked this thread
  14. Those were his own words. I think what happened here probably changed his mind on that, though. First thing he did after he took the job in New York was fire somebody.
  15. The flipside of that if the scouting department is bad at player evaluation, then the GM is making decisions based on faulty information. No one man can scout every player on their own while also doing all the other work that being a GM entails. But again, part of the GMs job is to evaluate the performance of the scouts. If they're bad, let them go. If you realize they're bad and you don't let them go, you have no one to blame but yourself.. To be real here, Marty Hurney doesn't have the experience to know who's good at scouting and who isn't. Dave Gettleman did, but he didn't want to fire front office people because he didn't want to be "that guy". That's a lousy reason. I honestly won't be surprised if a new owner overhauls the entire scouting operation.
  16. But I'm sure the Ravens weren't up to any shenanigans or anything. By the way, welcome to Baltimore, Mr. Crabtree.
  17. Speaking of failed physicals..

    Not sure about the NFL on their own, but I do think this is the kind of thing I could see the Player's Association raising a stink about. How or whether the NFL would choose to respond to that? Unknown.
  18. Speaking of failed physicals..

    Got a pretty good feeling the NFLPA gets involved in this story at some point.
  19. Only if their names are written in big letters.
  20. Podcast: Expert predictable surprising sale price for the Carolinas Panthers For those who choose to save their clicks, the prediction is at least 2.75 billion dollars, and maybe even higher. (now say that number in your best Dr Evil voice; you know you want to) The guy doing the predicting is sports business analyst Jeffrey Moorad, a former owner of the San Diego Padres and a longtime associate of super agent Leigh Steinberg. One other detail: It had been reported by Page Six that bids on the team were due this past Monday. That's actually not true. What was due this week was each potential bidder's initial pitch for ownership, i.e. "here's how I'd run the team if I owned it". Actual bidding might still a few weeks away. That's the "meat" that Katie Peralta was talking about recently. We should definitely hear some news when that process begins.