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  1. Who's Your Choice?

    Some of Hezonja's dunks are straight ridiculous.
  2. Who's Your Choice?

    Hezonja is really starting to grow on me as well. A 6'8" super athletic shooting guard who shoots 38% from three. Yes please...
  3. Who's Your Choice?

    Yep... let's compare Hunter to a HoF'er that shot 40% from three when Hunter shoots 29% from three. Great comparison. He plays identical to Bellineli, that's why so many people have his comparison as such.
  4. Who's Your Choice?

    I listed 5 other guys opposed to Russell. However, Russell is the only guy that I'd be interested in with a top three pick. I also don't hate Hunter, I just think the comparison was far fetched. He reminds me of Marco Bellinelli. Good shooter, can attack the basket, not super fast, not super athletic.
  5. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    I actually really enjoy college hockey.
  6. Who's Your Choice?

    Yeah.... I'm done. Everyone know's who I want. Russell if we have a top three pick. Johnson (or Winslow if he falls) if we're picking 8-10. Dekker, Grant, or Oubre if we're pick 14+.
  7. Who's Your Choice?

    ^^^ Idiot admitting he's an idiot.
  8. Who's Your Choice?

    First off, it's 'yeah' not yea... Secondly, that's how you are using the word build. If you're using it as a verb, as in to build a structure then you need to go back to the third grade. Quit embarrassing yourself. You're shoulder deep in your own bullshit.
  9. Who's Your Choice?

    You wanted Barnes over MKG, GTFO.
  10. Who's Your Choice?

    Are you fricken visually impaired? Can you read the second definition?
  11. Who's Your Choice?

    Lol that was a 5 year old response. fug off if you're going to get personal, it's not anyone else's fault on here that you're a terrible talent evaluator.
  12. Who's Your Choice?

    Dimensions came from your google definition. And I don't believe you are smarter than those comparing him to Redick. That's a pretty spot on comparison. Hunter is a very good shooter who lacks the necessary athleticism to be a great player.
  13. Who's Your Choice?

    Did you read your own post? You used the word dimensions to define "build". You also failed to explain why you would do something ridiculous like comparing him to one hall of famer and an eventual hall of famer when all the analysts compare him to J.J. Redick. Are you smarter than NBA analysts? Do you have your own sports show?
  14. Who's Your Choice?

    Do you know what the word dimensions means? If something has the same dimensions, they are similar in statistical value. For example, 6'6" and 6'6.5". They may have the same body type but they aren't the same build. Also for what it's worth, Hunter is drawing comparisons to Redick, not a combination of a hall of famer, an eventual hall of famer. DraftExpress also has Hunter as a late first round pick.
  15. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    Lol anyone see that creepy blonde headed kid chilling behind the cheerleaders.