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  1. bigjohn added a post in a topic Bersin 4 targets 4 catches at the half.   

    All he does is get open and catch the ball.
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  2. bigjohn added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    CAP gonna have 100 yards tonight. By halftime..
    Injuries: Gonna happen. Still too many damn preseason games.
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  3. bigjohn added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Corey caught a pass and CAP is badass. I've seen all I need to see.
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  4. bigjohn added a post in a topic Pre-season game #4 - What do you want to see?   

    Cam jumping up to celebrate with Joe Webb after a TD pass to Brown.
    Not much otherwise, besides maybe a Topcat wardrobe malfunction.
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  5. bigjohn added a post in a topic Over / Under 800 yards Receiving for Ted Ginn this year   

    Under, but if he gets 600-700 and averages a big number per catch I'll be happy with that. He's going to stretch the field and that'll open it up for our other WRsByCommittee, and of course Olsen and the running game.
    Honestly, that's what we need him to do. He doesn't have to get 1000 yards (or 800) to be very valuable to us.
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  6. bigjohn added a post in a topic Bortles better than Cam   

    Surprised they have a website. I didn't think anyone in Jacksonville could string three W's together.
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  7. bigjohn added a post in a topic WARNING IMPORTANT!   

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't our government be trying to help businesses stay open? I guess if you're not a giant bank or auto maker for the government to bail you out, you don't matter.
    Jeez... especially since so many businesses are finally starting to get over the recession.  
    Don't blame on you on leaving one bit ecu88.... that sucks.
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  8. bigjohn added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    Love Tolbert, but it may be time to let him go. 
    One biggie-- will Shula use Ward as the lead blocker that we need?  Could see him being another Hoover if we use him that way.  Would certainly be an upgrade as far as that goes.
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  9. bigjohn added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    I thought Otah was going to be the best offensive linemen in Panther history.
    Armanti was going to be a wildcat, situational quarterback, wide receiver hybrid.
    Colbert was going to be a steady #2 for years.
    Eric Shelton. fug.
    Loved the Clausen pick. 
    Hated the Luke pick.
    Damn this thread is full of fail. Feels good to cleanse the soul though.
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  10. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh   

    I've got no problem paying a good salary to incoming teachers. It's the only way you're going to be able to recruit decent applicants.  Of course the low ranking is due to the teachers in the classrooms. There can't be any other factors.  So let's push out the teachers that serve as mentors, advisors, coaches and of course experience doesn't mean a thing. I'm sure you were better at your job your first day than you are now.
    By the way...
    But as long as the buses are running and kids are getting to school, it doesn't matter if we have a budget, right?
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  11. bigjohn added a post in a topic What burns your ass?   

    x2 on the late thing. It's crazy too trying to get that through to high school students, but it's amazing how some parents get upset because we punish their kids for being late.  Gee, I wonder where that behavior is learned.
    Phones in the movie theatre. Once the previews start, cut them off. And yes that includes texting. When I'm in the theatre I want to be in world of make-believe.
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  12. bigjohn added a post in a topic The Fall Guy   

    One of those things you say without the cameras rolling.
    Oh, and Pie for the Fall Guy theme song.
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  13. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh   

    While I'm on a roll, here's something I can't quite figure out, just crunching the numbers.
    The legislature is pushing raising teacher salaries for beginning teachers through those with 5 years experience. I get front-end loading that because over 50% of teachers leave the profession in the first five years.
    Veteran teachers (25+ years) are getting virtually no increase in salary (based on last year's budget). Gov. McCrory talked a lot about increasing beginning teacher pay (I'm sure much of it will be to get our "beginning pay" stat out of the cellar-- and I understand that).
    What I don't understand is not giving veteran teachers some incentive to stay past 30 years. Right now, it makes NO sense for a teacher to stay past 30 years (unless they have all the money they need).  However, if they retire, they'll have their pension, and can work about 15 hours a week to make up the difference in what they'd be taking home.
    But here's the thing... our state is having to pay that teacher's retirement, and a teacher to replace them. Would it be more fiscally sound to give those 30+ yr teachers a raise to encourage them to keep teaching?
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  14. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh   

    I think that's a good point.  Teaching is a good profession (financially) for someone who is married to a man or woman who makes good money.
    The couples I know who are both public school teachers struggle somewhat financially, especially if they have kids.
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  15. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh