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  1. setzer2030

    Who the Hell is Mel Kiper?

    Kiper said Jamarcus Russell was John Elway-like, so he's obviously a genius.
  2. The NFL investigated itself and found no wrongdoing? Shocked! But in all seriousness, speak up with what team asked you something out of line or shut up.
  3. setzer2030

    Tyrann Matthieu officially a FA

    I'd be telling Kalil and TD to either take a paycut or take a hike. They need help at safety much more than they need 6 games out of Kalil.
  4. But, puppy fraud. http://deadspin.com/report-panthers-de-kony-ealy-sued-for-alleged-puppy-fr-1758954481?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
  5. I'd rather apologize to Julius Peppers for not bringing him back on the cheap and instead giving Greg Hardy millions to play in one game.
  6. Half the reason this team is 5-0 is because Cam is spreading the ball around and not forcing things. Olsen's yardage thru 5 games are as follows: 11, 70, 134, 28, 131. I haven't heard a word about Olsen complaining about lack of targets. From interviews I've heard, Ginn just loves how together this locker room is. This is the most unselfish, ego free team I can remember in quite some time (mainly because Deangelo is gone). I don't want any wrenches thrown into that. Enjoy your retirement tour Smitty.
  7. setzer2030

    Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    Take the bandanas out of the equation and no one would have a problem. I'm a white guy that points at the camera half the time in photos. Yeah, sorry, I'm lame. But no one interprets it as me pointing a gun. Cam is in a pic with 8 other guys. One guy in the picture (not him) could be interpreted as pointing a "finger gun." This is only news because it is preseason.
  8. setzer2030

    Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    We're talking about another man's Instagram. Not a game, not a game, we're talkin about another man's Instagram. Anyone that concerned over a guy's social media needs a life.
  9. Don't disrespect Daryl Williams with that nickname. No one deserves that comparison haha.
  10. setzer2030

    Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    Yeah, in my opinion it is. I graduated with Madison Bumgarner at South Caldwell High School. I love the guy, but this has always been a Braves town (personally I'm a Pirates guy). Then in 09 he gets the call to the show and you'd swear this was a redneck San Francisco suburb. It's still bandwagoning because you're cheering for a team just because of one guy. We've all done it and I'm not specifically dogging on you, I'm just saying it's unfair for people to call out bandwagon Cavs and Heat fans when they were once bandwagon Bulls and Wizards fans.
  11. setzer2030

    Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    I defend LeBron to an extent, and have in this thread. I just want to make it clear that I'm not a huge LeBron James guy. I respect his game. I'm not a Cavs or Heat fan. But I've noticed a lot of times, the same people that worship MJ and want to call out bandwagon LeBron fans for being a fan of wherever he plays don't identify as Bulls fans today. It's a 2 way street. MJ fans normally identify as Tar Heel fans and call themselves Hornets fans. It's honestly the same thing. You'd think somewhere along the way of his 13 years in Chicago, they'd gain some kind of loyalty to the Bulls if he's their favorite player.
  12. setzer2030

    Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    MJ's career FG%-.497. LBJ-.496. MJ's career APG- .5.3. LBJ-6.9. MJ's career RPG- 6.2. LBJ-7.1. MJ's career 3 point%- .327. LBJ-.342. Yes, there are categories that MJ is clearly superior at, but calling LeBron inefficient is ridiculous.
  13. setzer2030

    Sooooo, Space Jam 2

    My issue with this statement is LeBron isn't allowed to create his own legacy. Every finals loss he has, what is the first thing everyone says? "this is why he'll never be MJ," "MJ was clutch, LeBron isn't," etc. The same people that say LeBron will never be Jordan are the ones with the constant comparisons. I'm 25, but the guy I loved watching growing up was Kobe. Yet anytime I'm having a conversation with someone about how I loved watching Kobe, someone decides to butt in and remind me that "he'll never be MJ." I wish it was ok to appreciate other players at this point.
  14. setzer2030

    Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?

    I live in Charlotte now but I'm from a small town that actually has a "redneck hallway" in the high school (I'm not joking). Anyways, I grew up seeing the flag constantly. Some students seriously only wore dixie outfitters shirts. Yes, the majority of those wearing the shirts and flying the flags had pretty racist views. The only time I've seen a confederate supporter left speechless was during a conversation we had. Him: "I'm just tired of hearing about slavery all the time. This has nothing to do with me. I don't own any slaves. And the people that are complaining about slavery never knew any slaves either." Me: "Kind of like how you don't know any confederate soldiers or anyone that has anything to do with that flag? You're kind of refusing to let go of the past as well."
  15. I'm not going to watch it. All I know is a Panthers fan shouldn't be pissed that a rival team's fan thinks their guy is better, and vice-versa. At the end of the day, they're still going to think they're right. Besides, do you really want to convert a Falcons/Saints/or Bucs fan? Nahhhh.