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  1. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    No, you're Philly. 
  2. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    I'm cool with it. Gonna be 34 by the time the season starts. 
  3. Kemba/Kaminsky Trade??

    Him and Clifford would clash worse than Lance and Clifford did. Very talented, yet very immature. 
  4. It's NOT about race!

    Wow. Look at this thug! Oh wait, he's white. Carry on... (FWIW I'm white, and I've noticed how blatantly racist these critics are.)
  5. Donald Trump is picking and rooting for the Broncos

    Donald Trump is scared of a black QB.
  6. Pages and pages later.... Have you ever had your opinion on a racial, political, religious, or any other extremely personal issue changed by someone else's opinion on a message board? Nah, me neither. 
  7. My view of the OBJ helmet to helmet

    I don't know if I've ever went from liking someone to disliking them so quickly. I saw pics before the game of OBJ chopping it up with Cam and thought "Well this should be fun. Two guys at the top of their game with respect for each other." It didn't take long at all for me to lose all respect for OBJ today.
  8. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Coples was signed by the Dolphins, so that's not happening. But, I don't want to hear any lame excuses defending him. He's lied to everyone and how focused he is. Third offense. Third freaking offense. He knew he was gonna get tested and he continued. Gave a nice con-artist article to the Observer about "trading pot for playstation" less than 6 months ago. Save your pro-marijuana arguments, because no one is saying it has heroin-like effects on your body.  But I am saying that if you get paid millions to play the sport many dream of playing for a living, getting high shouldn't be worth risking the life you can provide your loved ones.  
  9. Last week I deposited 47 cents on FanDuel and won $35 billion.
  10. Packer fans today at BOA Stadium

    If they're the worst you've ever seen, you've obviously been spared of experiencing any game surrounded by Steelers, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Saints, or Seahawks fans.
  11. I'd rather apologize to Julius Peppers for not bringing him back on the cheap and instead giving Greg Hardy millions to play in one game.
  12. Half the reason this team is 5-0 is because Cam is spreading the ball around and not forcing things. Olsen's yardage thru 5 games are as follows: 11, 70, 134, 28, 131. I haven't heard a word about Olsen complaining about lack of targets. From interviews I've heard, Ginn just loves how together this locker room is. This is the most unselfish, ego free team I can remember in quite some time (mainly because Deangelo is gone). I don't want any wrenches thrown into that. Enjoy your retirement tour Smitty. 
  13. End well, this will not....

    He deleted it, that didn't take long.
  14. End well, this will not....

    You probably would've if your face was on for all the world to see someone publicly poke fun at you.
  15. End well, this will not....

    Ahhh I can't wait to read news of David Newton's dismissal in that elementary class story-time delivery of his.